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What Moyes need is time. - Sincerely every other EPL team.
Messi 2-0 Getafe
Huge difference, They were missing Suarez back then.
AnonymosVagrant gave the Swansea City v Arsenal video a rating of 5
If Juve win UCL, bye bye RIP EPL 4th place.
That'll shut Courtois up next time he is interviewed.
Theo. he's only 23 and has played more UCL than any other players his age. nuff said.
Cause Ramsey was playing.
That is either a lucky shot or a great technical ability from Shelvey to flick it up and down onto the net from that impossible angle. Either way, great winning...
Gerd = 85 Messi = 82 It's 3 more.
Holy- what did my eyes see. An overhead kick and a 25 yard out goal What more can a football fan ask for? Definitely this is a Puskas Goal of the year Award!!!
Brilliant goal by Oscar, The ball swerves as it goes in. I jizzed.
Hi Capt. Delusional.
At the end of of the day, no football fans will ever like ManUnited and how they play, only delusional ManUnited fans. I'm an Arsenal fan and i'd rather Chelsea...
Strange, It only takes messi 1/2 of his energy to draw Madrid and win against Uruguay both scoring a brace plus 2 free kick goals...
Jenkinson made me realised we don't really need Sagna anymore :)
Wow, it's like Spain set the difficulty level to Amateur on PES.
Omg! Gerard and Lampard together! brings a smile to the face.
Cannons of boos is more likely.
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