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To be fair there is no need to lose your head over this loss. The reason behind this is...match was very similar to last years match. Only difference was last y...
3 days ago
Well he does have a point i can count three chances which welback missed. And last one was podolski chance... so IFFF we would have taken those it will be 4 2 :...
2 weeks ago
@groundup....u say they get excited when we win and get frustrated when we lose. That is the normal reaction of every football fan around the world. If someone ...
Well it will be interesting to see how he will keep all of them happy because i do see you guys dont have that many fixtures to deal with as compared to other t...
LOOK(wenger style) last season we had sagna our 4th choice CB. this year we have Nacho. we upgrade our 3rd choice CB. As much as i loved TV5 he was all over the...
Does anybody else here is getting annoyed with straight up idiots appearing on Arsenal fan TV. Most of them are embarrassment to us, All they do is complain, mo...
Is welback gervinho 2.0? i hope i am wrong
Lol cesc assist has got most of Chelsea fans came out of closet stating Wenger has lost it when he chose ozil over advice to them its a marathon not ...
1 month ago If u knw what i mean *Cough higuain Cough*
Spain lost cz Wenger didn't signed cesc. #wengerout :D
3 months ago
7 months ago
8 months ago
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