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3 days ago
On your wall. The highlight at the end of the page is usually MOTD. Bookmark the link, it handy if you want to watch any full matches or highlights.
^It's possible if Ramires tries to assult opponent.
Moral of the story: BEAT CHELSEA
"All this in compensation of our cl exit, seems like a good deal God" This part just hit straight in my feel. BTW, this is my first comment in CFC forum. I ...
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On your wall Stupid and don't you ever ask the MOTD link again. Bookmark it or write in diary.
Http:// Hey Stupid, there are full matches also but go to highlights, the one on the end is usually MOTD highlight. Enjoy, my friend.
Suarez vs Mourinho?
6 days ago
Every time I look at the PL table, this is my reaction.
Here is the link,
After the West Ham game, (Any mods around? Can somebody embed this, please?)
2 weeks ago
^ I would not mind winning just by a goal.
Liverpool 2:0 West HAM (og Carroll 02' assist Downing) (og Cole 41' assist Downing) Second half will start in next 5 min.
As a liverpool fan, After I read the first part of your first sentence.
I do have to disagree with Tanmay on this forum being more agressive. Man, you must not have visited on those days when we used to play beautiful football and l...
Am I the only one who want Chelsea to win? Like Ynwa4ever said, if they qualify for next round, our game with Chelsea will be between their next round of CL fix...
3 weeks ago
So, you want your wife to be nicked by neighbor than a rival from the same town as Gary Neville would say.
I read some where in footytube, might be in Premiere league by a United/Chelsea fan that it is because of Liverpool fans, English fans are called Hooligans in ...
Shelvy scored at liberty, adam at brittania. I hope Caroll, Downing and Cole do not score. Otherwise, we will have to score 4 or more goals.
4 weeks ago
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