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Actually... VDS did a pretty good job against the constant hammering Barcelona gave them. this is the thing about goalkeepers. they aren't recognized for the s...
6 years ago
Stoke isn't a weak side...any side that has the ability to reach a final in a top league like EPL is not weak. you may be a Barcelona fan because of their abil...
I'm not here to start a flaming war. I agree that Casillas should be screaming at his defence at times. They get out of position are too attacking minded. but...
5-2-3 when defending won't work at all... you're letting Barcelona too much space in the midfield to work. the DM will be with Xavi with Pique backing them up w...
It all depends... I would try to play compactly as a defence. a 4-5-1. close down on Iniesta and Xavi in threes, without the need to tackle them, force him to m...
Why do you think there are no supporters for Barcelona in the CL? Just because they eliminated their bitter rivals in the CL doesn't mean nobody else supports t...
Dont forget the fact that the players sitting on your bench (whom most likely got play time today) are worth more than some of Barcelona's starting XIs, most of...
Defensive crisis, and we still manage to come on top of Madrid in 2 of the 3 titles
I'm a Barca fan and what I say comes from my support for that team. with that said I feel that Mou has turned it into a publicity stunt. Yes, it was full of di...
Real Madrid will win over Barcelona convincingly sooner or later. it's only natural. No team stays on top forever.
The red on pepe was a tad harsh. considering that it was a visually 'open' challenge, a yellow would be the most I'd give. But it would just be a matter of time...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Mou has been undeniably successful as a manager, but I really hate his attitude in the press rooms and how he seemingly 'barks' at other managers and referees t...
I just hope that UEFA appoint a ref who wont just stand there and watch Real Madrid as they push and trip Barcelona. It was painful watching Pepe push and pull ...
7 years ago
Not to rub it in your faces or anything... but when I saw it, I thought Lucas was going for the ball after the free kick to end the looked like he was...
Neither team looked too motivated this game... they're just testing each other before the big games
Balotelli is a troubled kid... he needs to go into rehab or councelling. also, having all that money City pays him doesn't help his ego too.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Meanwhile in Manchester, SAF is sipping his cup of tea reading some WWII books on how to defeat the Germans
Ferguson wants to get Bale to replace the Welsh lefty shaped hole. He's preparing to offer up a big sum plus a winger. Not sure who. Read it in mirrorfootball.c...
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