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Id love to hit you both with a brick.
4 years ago
Two seasons in a row now Sunderland panic buy a dodgy striker near the end of the season on a short term arrangement...
AC Milan probally played the worst football they've ever played. And the fact they where 4-0 up and conceded 3 goals in one half, in my opinion, Arsenal deserv...
...What? Are you serious Wenger?
Highly doubt that Dinglehater2
United's main problem is, in my opinion , there piss poor Midfield. Nani is a f*****g joke of a player, another lazy flare player who rarely plays at his best,...
5 years ago
Haha very good
Only Barcelona or Madrid can win the Champions League to be honest, no point fooling yourself any other team has a chance.
...says the Liquidator haha
Ah right I diddent notice he added ''Ireland'' and ''Northern Ireland''.
In what what way was I wrong about Ireland?...
The United Kingdom is not a country but a Country of Countries, England is one the the co-equal and sovereign nations with the ''United Kingdom'', California is...
Suncastle United, That'd be a league winner
Yeah I cant really see how it's ''Racist''. It practally a fact.
Dont taunt your opponents and celebrate a win before the last whistle. Next time keep your f*****g mouth shut.
So... That means its better then the Premier League?
Well Raynor, Eventually those '' very specific situations'' will turn into everyday occourances after a while, anything that can be abused in football will be a...
6 years ago
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