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Id love to hit you both with a brick.
5 years ago
Two seasons in a row now Sunderland panic buy a dodgy striker near the end of the season on a short term arrangement...
AC Milan probally played the worst football they've ever played. And the fact they where 4-0 up and conceded 3 goals in one half, in my opinion, Arsenal deserv...
6 years ago
...What? Are you serious Wenger?
Highly doubt that Dinglehater2
United's main problem is, in my opinion , there piss poor Midfield. Nani is a f*****g joke of a player, another lazy flare player who rarely plays at his best,...
Haha very good
Only Barcelona or Madrid can win the Champions League to be honest, no point fooling yourself any other team has a chance.
...says the Liquidator haha
Ah right I diddent notice he added ''Ireland'' and ''Northern Ireland''.
In what what way was I wrong about Ireland?...
The United Kingdom is not a country but a Country of Countries, England is one the the co-equal and sovereign nations with the ''United Kingdom'', California is...
Suncastle United, That'd be a league winner
Yeah I cant really see how it's ''Racist''. It practally a fact.
Dont taunt your opponents and celebrate a win before the last whistle. Next time keep your f*****g mouth shut.
So... That means its better then the Premier League?
Well Raynor, Eventually those '' very specific situations'' will turn into everyday occourances after a while, anything that can be abused in football will be a...
7 years ago
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