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I'm not too worried about having just those 3, but honestly, how are you breaking that 40+ down? In the order written (sol/Ade/kane) 15/15/10 20/15/5? Not too c...
42 minutes ago
I'm not raving about Remy, but honestly between Soldado, Ade and Kane can you realistically see 40+ goals? It's a push.
2 hours ago
Verty pleased to be offered a 5 year contract.. Bonus! Hasn't signed yet though.
Thing is, Southampton have been savaged already they have built up a nice kitty from sales surely they won't want any more to go, certainly not for cheap, If Mo...
Me too! My little spurs hideaway is back in full swing and if we all keep coming back despite the bugs you know we must have something good going!
3 days ago
Glad you enjoyed it and saw a huge number of spurs players! First live game is a very surreal experience. My first trip to WHL was when Spurs got rolled over 6...
4 days ago
We've had enough injury prone defenders for a lifetime already! When he first broke through I thought he was gunna be a superstar! His leap is incredible. I su...
5 days ago
It's a homage to Bill Nicholson and the gates on the road leading up to the stadium or something . Named in his honour - incidentally called 'bill Nicholson Wa...
I think we could loan Vorm out for the season, keeps him off the wage bill and keeps him match sharp and value up. Then he can come back to be number 2 when Br...
6 days ago
Napoli are keen to sign Kramer, a DM, considering they are the heaviest link to Sandro this may be a good thing? Really hoping he stays. I wonder why his head ...
1 week ago
Apparently it's about £7.5m to Crystal Palace :-/ Shame, he's a good player and still young. Tried to step up and make something happen when we needed someone...
I was a bit concerned at how MoPo couldn't stop the Southampton slide the second half of last season, couldn't seem to motivate the players into giving a crap o...
Haha bless my poor old budget tablet! I got a Sony Xperia z1 compact, getting on with it pretty well so far may even handle your gifs! Any word on a...
2 weeks ago
How were the ko times for you guys? Was pretty favourable for us in Europe, group games were at 5, 8 and 11. That can sometimes hamper viewing pleasure of an ev...
I agree Caulker isn't necessarily the answer and if he's after fortunes then he can swing. My views on Dawson + Caulker sale being linked are purely my own tho...
Ha I wasn't trying to say he's as big a burden as Bentner, he is still liked by the fans and his longevity in the squad has to be appreciated, but loyalty work...
So apparently our spending ability is being stifled by Gylfi and Dawson digging their heels in and not wanting to leave. Same as a few seasons ago when Dawson ...
Hi guys, long time no post for me but rest assured that I've been checking up on here every few days,it's still the only forum I go on! I have finally buckled a...
The overriding view from the British press if anything has been that the reffing has been too lenient! There have been some crunching tackles this tournament a...
Only in the slowed-down side on angle does it look like a pen. Watching it real time you can see he's totally over hit the ball and is going out of play. It'd ...
1 month ago
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