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So if vdv and modric both were up for rejoining spurs in January you'd pick vdv?
2 days ago
Pretty much all against naff teams though.
3 days ago
Shame he couldn't play for 90 mins, was a red card risk most games and his inclusion forced Harry to play our actual best player (Modric) out of position. But ...
I think this has more to do with the game being in England than anything else tbh.
1 week ago
Did he sign Kaboul first or second time around? The physio and fitness side of it concerns me just as much if not more so. Why spend all this money on new coach...
I think Adebayor is bang on the money here. Well said, and you can totally see what he means. They are all humans out there and we must never forget that, it do...
I think once the team has a few crap games the fear of sacking sets in and that nervousness filters down to the players and they don't play with freedom. There...
I heard it on the radio. He sounded very genuine and sensible. It was amazing to hear - sounds like more tight arsed penny pinching behind the scenes is costi...
Jewish Pessimism. It's in our blood.
Really, as late as that? He's such a fit lad I can't see him taking too long to get back into the swing of things. Yedlin may well take just as long, with only...
Shame he'll join same time Walker gets back just when we don't really need him as much. Walker, Yedlin, Naughton, Dier....overkill! Walker and a stable 2 CBs...
Agreed to all the responses. We lost the ball running with it so so much, which left us exposed. I don't understand why it's happening more now though, we play...
Crazy innit... We used to be the cleanest team in the country by far (didn't we get a place in Europa one season for our record?) This season has been all red c...
Whose the shotgun for...MoPo or himself?
Sick goal Chadli!
MoPo needs to decide what our best defence is! Never the same and the lack of cohesion shows through a lot! I think our fragility starts from the back, it set...
There was a stat last week after the victory saying that was the First time MoPo has come from behind to win a game in the Premier League (saints and Spurs) 1 ...
Adebayor makes the back page of the Sunday mirror, pissed off the squad apparently. Aaaaand it won't let me paste the link 😞
Lol duh
2 weeks ago
Hope so frank! I don't care how s**t MoPo does (bar relegation lol) I want a manager to stay for their whole contract! It's just counter productive getting a n...
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