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Maybe he should stick to long shots cos that 1 on 1 was chuffing terrible.
6 days ago
Too defensive for a team at home
Kane can f**k off with all these wack long shots. Play some football for God's sake.
He's number 7. The 7th Son...
1 week ago
Slightly alarmed at the fact he still has to do his 2 years military service... Hopefully he sees more action in our front line than on theirs...!
Nicked this from reddit, James Mcarthur was asked about the best player he's faced : The quote: "You're not gonna believe me, I get asked this quite a lot and...
He wasn't a bad player, got harshly treated by spurs fans.
Talksport said he'd be a risk and they'd over charge for him. They have better options in their squad already and so think the move would be financially motivat...
3 weeks ago
I think everyone has their favourite players and will often defend them and pass the blame elsewhere. I'm sure we've probably all been guilty of it over time.
Will do. Who set up the league last year it hasn't been renewed
4 weeks ago
Looks like a pretty unbalanced side when you look at squad lists. Surely a striker has to be priority over a DM now it looks like Soldado and Adebayor are leav...
1 month ago
Enjoy yourself pal
I just think the guy doing the video is so absurdly blinkered and biased he can only look at it in a tribal mentality without looking at it from Sols view as a ...
I just watched that Spurredontv rant about Sol Campbell and can I just say I think it's a disgrace. That guy in the video is a delusional moron for thinking tho...
Not necessarily, North. Berahino had 6 good months last season then the inevitable English youngster hype started surrounding him and he got a massive head an...
Very balanced article and it's hard to disagree with any of it. I really hope he steps up and MoPo doesn't freeze him out.
Surely Villa won't be paying all his wages ?
Funny stuff.
Oh I agree Bwf, I'm not trying to say he's Pirlo or anything but to say he can't pass is unfair. That's my frustration about the Dembelé situation... He is go...
Only playing mate :) I agree with you anyway, a compilation video can make anyone look good or crap! We've all seen enough spurs to know what a player can do, I...
AndyCT5 gave the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur video a rating of 5
6 months ago
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