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Just one little thing, Osasuna where wrongly denied a one on one challenge against the goalkeeper for an offside position. A challenge that would have surely en...
6 years ago
There's one thing i don't understand. In the first half, there was one minute added, but there was a foul, so the ref kept the game going for 3 minutes. In the ...
He played amazing in both games actually. Without him and ronaldo, I think the end result wouldn't have been so close.
For ajaxamsterdam, you guys need to stop trying to find excuses. First the game was fixed, now this? The season was almost done in croatia, they would've gotten...
No fix. Proven by both UEFA and the gaming commitee who actually started an investigation about it. Ajax should've done better against real's b team and lyon ra...
Dirty cheaters? Coming from a barca fan... oh the irony!
Pietro, lyon is a "mediocre" team because unlike you we never had 800 million euros debt and we will never do. We won this game fair and square, and if you try ...
Showed no reaction? Honestly dude, you have to watch the game before saying stuff like that. The zagreb player jumped on the scorer in the first half, and the l...
Haha you guys are trolls. Lyon is through, fair and square. If you wanna cry about it, go to the Fifa stands, we deserved everything in that game. So go be mad ...
Haha daniel, SUCH BULLSHIT! they decided to fix the game in the second half to have the worst conceded goals in the history of Champions League. If thats true, ...
Suchhhh bullshit. Watch the game before saying those stuff. You probably only watched the highlights of the game, but the dutch commentator of Ajax-Real said th...
Adnamessi, that was basically real madrid's second team. Only higuain/benzema and alonso were starting players. Casillas, ronaldo, ramos, pepe, di maria, ozil, ...
No ajax wouldnt be through with a 3-2 loss...
I support a different olympique, but i cant say im not happy with the result of yesterday. At least there will be one french team going through :D
Reventon, thats why you dont put basically all the players of a national team in one club...
But they still won this game... what does that say about spain?
Shilmido, what you said is complete bullshit. He actually goes congratulate the player. I'm guessing ure one of those fans who hate ronaldo but jizz when they s...
I really hope so :P
I dont get why everyone is bitching about Ronaldo being arrogant? He goes to congratulate the person who scores every single time. Maybe he doesn't jump on them...
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