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Nice one :) the media being a dick to him, so he fights back by being a dick too. Of course it's not ok to show players emotionally broken at any time. But mayb...
Why does CR7 have to show me with every goal celebration that he's biggest prick on the pitch? Or did I interpret it wrong...
As a non-British watcher: Could anyone tell me what the Liverpool coach and the hosts had on their chest? This apple shaped red and green thing. I've seen it a ...
Goal of the week! lol.
Of course Robben doesn't play the cross right before his goal but rather takes the risk to miss trying to score "his" goal. Classic Robben.
Ok guys I'm honestly interested in your opinions on that one: I really really love watching Neymar's brilliant gameplay. He is so fast, powerful and despite his...
That's why they call him the "power cube" :)
5 years ago
I saw it partially as poor finishing by the Germans. They definately have to bring those 100% chances home more often - they'll not gonna get lots of those agai...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Lolz @ "Gazprom Uefa"
Loved the scene, when Soltado tried to push Neuer away after his foul and Neuer didn't move an inch :) what a mammoth babyface he is.
His attitude that made him "celebrate" like this after the goal is one of the reasons CR7 is so unpopular to many people. Why would you even do that?
Hummels made me have eye-gasms. Also I was positively surprised by Boateng. I really don't know how he got hold of that one ball when ronaldo was on the edge of...
So many Germans are arguing about Gomez being a horrible striker. I really don't get it... He might not be good at dribbling like Messy - Gomes actually gives ...
Wasn't Ghana the last game in the group stage with Özil striking an impressive goal? But who was the first opponent? Australia?
That's why football is the greatest game in the world.
6 years ago
What about that twat talkin' all the time?
Why does Herny always get to be the goal of the week on footytube? I mean I love him, but cmon guys...
Those were Hamburg substitutes.
I think I've never seen Klose as captain. LOL
So true. he totally pissed me off, cause it was partly his fault that the game got so nasty in the second half.
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