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5 years ago
Ronaldo was epic this match..A true fighter really :D:D
I think Montoya should be regular starter too,his work rate is quite incredible and he is really fast
D: too bad Affelay is in Shalke though
What do you guys think will happen if Catalunya becomes independent? I mean will Barca be left out of La Liga or will they continue?? because honestly I can't s...
Dude I would really like you to tell me what do u think about Tito??? because I just can't shake the feeling that we are on top of a slope ready to roll all the...
That wasn't mentioned so I didn't know that but it also doesn't explain Tito's tactical performance in this match....
Congrats u guys played really nice tonight and looks like modric will rock the bernabeu :D:D
Well I think (in my opinion) that Tito wasn't well prepared for this match..I mean adriano really?? and wth happened with alves??.....On a side note, why do we ...
OK thx guys I just thought that only the transfer stage closes on the 1st of September not that the game also starts on the same date. @Che: thx for your positi...
Guys I have a stupid problem, I created my dream footy team but for some reason it won't show on my profile nor do i get any points...I saved the team and follo...
Can't wait for your reply now :D:D
So someone on the madrid froum was boasting on how they were going to show us how to win....can't wait to hear from him now :D:D
That's excellent analysis but don't forget Tito's sending off!!!! honestly I never expected to see that in our team
Thank goodness we won althought I am beginning to have my doubts about our starting XI....I know it's too early to criticize Tito but come on he can do better t...
Oh Ok thx for clarifying :D
So I guess they play with 10 men not 9? first comment in about 3 months and guess who's the star of the show??? VALDES!!!!!!..But anyways we played some nice ball today and Iniesta is off th...
I don't think it's the 'begging' though
6 years ago
It was an excellent match today despite the result..Really nice performance from both sides
Oh God I think my blood is boiling from frustration...Not at Barca but at always defending with 11 ppl infront of us....Darn it
Amr88 added new photos to Anything to share
7 years ago
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