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I thought ttk86 was madrid fan but turns out to be united fan. Haha. What are we doing here? Lol
6 months ago
Visit your neighbours page, already discrediting cr7 and how juventus dodnt show up when it matters. Anyways, congratulations! Enjoy!
^^ Common Vaaz, hes not a fraud. Dont tell we didn't want him before he went to city. Hes having a hard season at city but in no means a fraud. Overrated? I don...
We still got chance to sign him. Believe! haha
I'm hearing Grizzy had submitted transfer request. Make it officials already, LoL
What is this "Ivan Perisic-Welcome to Manchester United-2017" video on youtube? Have we signed him already?
Ok Koppo
Who is his agent? that fat ass Raiola?
Some nice research work there SIF. I am sure many would choose Martial over Silva, if given a choice. I dont know what goes behind the scenes but sometimes you ...
Which goal? i saw no offside in either goals
See! You are still whining. It seems as though you cant tolerate your ex gf having a good time with her new bf? Ehh. I dont mind who plays at rb or rashford pla...
Fk lol... prolly his first European trophy. give him a pass, haha
Liverpool still have to play qualifying matches right? i hope they come runners up again. too much bragging for making top four. ffs
I know who that 'some' manager is you're referring to. You just cant let it go. can you? I get your hatred towards that 'some managers' but you aint doing anyth...
This BLUE bus is pretty resilient :)
Foke Yay, but for what price? won't be surprised if we pay 60m or up. we somehow always pay more than its worth.
7 months ago
I have no problem with DDG leaving. He has done all he could and all i can do is thank him for his service while at the club and wish him best. I tell you, pu$$...
This is what i have been thinking. we have arguably the tallest back line in the league and yet, we either concede or goalie makes a save from freekicks and cor...
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