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Yeah, probably first team ever to play with 4 CBs??
4 days ago
Only if he knew how to cross ..
Not the first time. He even scored own goal trying to clear ball with wrong foot against everton. Guy is clumsy as fk!
Why Mkhi is not starting today? Because he played on Thursday? Hope we dont fk up this time around. We have lost our beloved 6th already!
Sadly, Horny LVG wanted Di Maria to be sold.
6 days ago
I could never understand why we haven't tried Blnd in DM already. Hes played CB, LB and DM under LVG and i am sure he knows the defensive side of the game. I se...
1 week ago
He did that already@Shiwa. Guy is fishing for likes from our rival fans. haha
Knew Bazinga would show up sooner or later. Guy never misses an opportunity to bash anything associated to Jose. I have never seen one positive comment from him...
Yeah, prolly ref fked up in his eyes!
You are everywhere my friend. LoL
2 weeks ago
Lol @vaaz. I would like to get paid 250k per week to do gym and learn any language.
3 weeks ago
Wtf was that? Rojo goes to ground too easily
Draw against Hull still pains me. Phook!
1 month ago
Did Martial hit on Jose's daughter? Whats the story? LoL. Wish he'd started today. Anyways, hopefully we can put our chances away today.
Uncle Woody???
Did anyone catch Klopp's post match interview? I would love to hear his opinion on long balls. lol
2 months ago
Long balls are part of the game and i see nothing wrong with it. You do what ever you can to win the game or get something out of it. I never quite understand p...
@StandardCritic1, Sergio said, he did not delete the comment on pool's page, not the account. Sometime later, the account was deleted.
Yeah, i saw one of our mate's account getting deleted and just a warning for their own fans.
Americanbang201 updated their profile
2 years ago
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