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2 years ago
Oh wow, good job w****r. Why don't you piss off and crawl back up your dark empty s**t cave... c**t! I bet you're the quietest pussy around when you're not on...
3 years ago
Greatest video game EVER!
Agree with murphy. Adam is the only player on Blackpool thats a real quality EPL player. And i say that with respect to every player on that team.
Im a Steelers fan so i hate ochocinco but if you hear him talk about playing soccer, the players, and the MLS he really seems to respect this beautiful game tha...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Good win! I cant wait to go to another match at red bull arena! GO NY!
Great win today boys! David Luiz is a Beast!!!
Season starts TONIGHT!!!!!!! I will be attending plenty of Red Bull games this year!!!! THERES YA FAMOUS, THERES YA FAMOUS, THERES YA FAMOUS E.S.C!!!!! LETS GO ...
Good Luck today!!!!
Good Luck today guys! Kick some french a**!!!!! LoL
That video was.......AWESOME!!!!!!
Flying high, up in the sky, We'll keep the blue flag flying high From Stamford Bridge to New jerSey We'll keep the blue flag flying high! Blackpool 1 - Chelsea...
Horrific Injury?!?!?!?!? LoL were they watching the same game?
Despite what I've already said, you should add some 'rivals' who are actually rivals to your club. Also should add the clubs as your rivals, if you want to soun...
U wana see Terry crying:
I think Nani is a cry baby!!! CRYING?!?!? Theres no crying in football! lol
Congrats on the win guys! ManU played like sh*t. And Suarez is a BEAST!!
Wow jwemdrano lol nice essay, pointless stuff! stop crying over BS, typical scouser!
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