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Lmao xD Was wearing a track suit and got dropped off on a street corner by his mum haha. I see the girl's point though, you go on a date to impress a girl, and...
Damn Buttner eh?
He is spot on! Rooney was distributing that ball around like a boss. I don't think our midfield would have worked this well without him today
Love Fletcher! Amazing guy!
AmazingBen101 nominated D. Welbeck (18') for Goal of the Week
Jesus Christ please help young
It feels like we're playing against Barcelona
Just piss poor passing
All I'm saying is don't be too quick to judge.
@Bondage, You've kept your expectations too high, that's why it hurts you more. Be more realistic, Sir Alex knew his team in and out. It's not a squad with worl...
He's young, every game he plays is a learning experience for him.
It hurts me to see so much negativity from our own fans. I never had high expectations from our first season without sir Alex. And I personally think it's impro...
We're falling so far behind the leaders :(
I thought my day couldn't get any worse than this...
I've had those since I was about 7 years old lol (I'm 19 now). They're very annoying. They really bug me when I'm driving; every time I have to move my eyeballs...
Arsenal is absolute boss in the league this season. Both beautiful play and getting great results. You make the beautiful game more beautiful. Cheers :) And so...
That's great news!
Hhaha, yea thank god it didn't happen to me lol. I'm like a yellow card magnet
AmazingBen101 nominated Nani (88') for Goal of the Week
I feel sorry for the people living there. Was never their choice to be born in a shithole like that. A crazy leader who thinks he's god himself and who's consta...
AmazingBen101 nominated R. van Persie (27') for Goal of the Week
AmazingBen101 nominated R. van Persie (20') for Goal of the Week
AmazingBen101 nominated P. Jones (87') for Goal of the Week
I'm actually really interested to see how he'll do on the left wing
AmazingBen101 nominated A. Januzaj (62') for Goal of the Week
AmazingBen101 thought the Manchester United v Bayer Leverkusen match was awesome
AmazingBen101 nominated R. van Persie (59') for Goal of the Week
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