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Exciting football, which the Premier League delivers. Love seeing individual talent takeover, but at the same time enjoys seeing fluid teamwork take out a team 8-0 like my boys Chelsea
Anti-football, giving up on scoring after achieving a comfortable lead, and diving.... (which the world cup and la liga are notorious for)
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Announcer: And the winner of the Balon D'or is....... Emile Heskey!!! Barca reaction
6 years ago
Chelsea! Chelsea! We gonna win the cup.. we gonna win the cup..!! lol i atleast hope so lol
7 years ago
Its nice to see the youngsters on Arsenal reaching their prime and showing what a lot of planning and development brings in a team. They will definitely be comp...
Yeah coming from a Chelsea fan here, i get the same feelings about Chelseastopfan, haha a little uneasy about Arsenal's development
Cant stand the damn vuvuzelas... ruining the enjoyment.. how are the fans supposed to connect with the players and show support when theyre blocked off by a wal...
Wow... really dissapointed by the performance of my favourite player Frank Lampard... he just turns into a whole new person in the 3 lions jersey... Great game...
Http:// Insua Te...
Http:// sean faris
Http:// Liam Neeson
Notice how its basically "get the ball and pass it to ronaldo" hes the one taking all the shots, relying on one player is sure to get you to fail
Exactly ever since scolari left, to a place where he was doomed to fail, portugals squad has been built around ronaldo. manager needs to recognize that this tea...
If only the Chelsea boys were playing!
Canada sucked real bad at the hockey world championship this month...
We have teams in the MLS, toronto fc and soon vancouver whitecaps and Montreal Impact. the fans of toronto fc are crazy
Yeah hockey's our sport for sure, i actually grew up playing hockey lol, hopefully though with MLS franchises popping up soccer becomes more and more popular, a...
Thanks for the add ;)
Lol, looks like scolari's been taking up acting after ruining his coaching career
Olic looks like a slavic Daniel Craig
Omg.......... i cant believe it
Lol, better watch out
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