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Real Madrid have proven their lack of class.
Bayern has no class. And, though I find them extremely good at this season, I hate them - all the way for BVB in UCL!
"yes.. that was the past. but at this season schweinsteiger ist better." So... Heskey > Di Stefano?
Adebayor right before the shot: "the floor is lava".
Amanek nominated S. Agüero (78') for Goal of the Week
I have no words to describe this game. Simply amazing.
Tottenham was so annoying in this game, glad to see them lose.
Second goal is masterpiece.
IMO the main reason of this situation is lack of actual coach. It's like the ship without captain.
Gran Derbi has always been like this.
You guys are funny. "The end of the era", "Barca is gone for good" - calm down, blancos. Two weak weeks, 3 important games lost - that's your basis? Of course t...
VV - motm
Glad to see Liverpool finally playing great match.
For sure Man City have made some awful mistakes at the beginning which turned into goals for Ajax. However, in my opinion they should have won - not Ajax. In fa...
Just think what would say any fan od San Marino :)
Fornalik made me trust him today. He have made lots of good personal decisions (Wszołek in line up). It's a shame that Milik didn't have time to show anything ...
As a Pole I'm finally satisfied. I've been waiting for good peformance from our team for a really long time. The sad truth is that Poland doesn't really have ce...
Sad but true.
I was there! On the one hand, it was a great experience for me because I've never seen any of these excellent players, but on the other, I found this match real...
Sure he is. Look at the table of La Liga and guess why is that :) 9th place must hurt.
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