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Manchester city seemed a bit lonely with only 10 men.....I think they needed some Kompany...
6 years ago
Henry #12, scores his 12th goal against Leeds, with 12 minutes to go, in 2012!!!
At Mt1234 look at dante69's dp and shut up, not your role buddy go cry about your team and pray you make it out of relegation zone.....
RING RING ..Hello greater Manchester can i help you? ..I'd like to cancel my complaint please?. ..What is it regarding sir? ..its my noisey Neighbo...
Wtf? who ever says ronaldo is anywhere near messi ill slap him on the face.......the bloody passes messi does is better than ronaldo can ever dream of doing.......
Mata, Villa, Silva.......look where these players are now, i feel sorry for Valencia these players could of made a big difference :(
Why the hell does ferguson keep saying that sneijder isnt "ideal" for Manchester united..................faaaaaar out we betta get him this january.......
Jelly much u little punk ??
Great performance....but im confused, with welbeck on fire and rooney in form whats gonna happen to chicharito??
Lose the collar and it will be good and love keepers kit, looks really nice :D
Man brazil need to work on their finishing...........but goddamn ronaldo you gotta love that guy even with that body he managed to get a leg on the ball.... an...
Not even an assist from any barca fail
Well done for ronaldo he has done it, he broke the record and i think he has 53 goals all together for this season............but even still he didnt look that ...
Falcao maybe but hulk still has that mentality of keeping the ball, a very common mentality in brasilians/argentines.....even still hulk is a great player
What are you smokin bro he did some really good saves and plus that goal was a pretty hard shot from n'zogbia... just sayin :)
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