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Adookoo (Aduku Samuel)
ArsenalFan96 (Alisha Krishnan) Singapore
Barcagooner87 (Gustavo Martinez) from Chicago, United States
Futbol/football/soccer! Huge Barca and Arsenal fan What is the difference between Barca and Real Madrid??? the difference is that Barca makes world class players, and Madrid bu ...
Fussball (Syed) USA
Attractive Football is what i like, quick passes, good attacking play going into extra-time.I believe in Football 4 Everyone n football 4 Peace.
Ghanaboy95 (BlackStar) from London, England
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GoonerGrrl (Gooner Grrl) from Toronto, Canada
Plain and simple. i jus love life and sports
M4rsenal (Martin) from Brindisi, Italy
"United are red, City are blue, they both outspent us, but The Arsenal go through." I'm albanian, I live in Italy and I support Arsenal, it's strange, isn't it? I started su ...
Mrmonolith (Kumaran)
Arsenal and
Born -South India Lived- Dubai Studying- USofA
Myself (Omar) from London, Canada
PointmanUk3s (Ukes)
Tall, Dark and Handsome or you can just ask
Milan! Milan! Solo con te! Milan! Milan! Sempre per te!
Raj (Samburaj Das) from Bangalore, India
Editing my profile , one box at a time.Easy going,lethargic one day,pseudo-crackhead the other. Hit me on skype : sambdas
Samzzz (Samia Amora) from Barcalona, Spain
I typed Barcelona highlights on Google one day here I am doing this loll...Hot,Sexy what ever i dnt want to hear it OK OK you can flatter me a bit I don't mind erm yea am ...
Saumilsachdeva (Saumil Sachdeva) Netherlands
“When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don’t be afraid Because You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
Senthil (Senthil Kumar) from Chennai, India
I was funny cool and sometimes be clever.i like chelsea very much from 12 yrs old.careless fellow, funny ,editing my profile whenever i get bored, giving slaps to younger bro's,moo ...
Shook14 (Muhamad Shukri) from Jumeirah, UAE
Shuds (Sudarshan) from Chennai, India
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