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Footytube is an english site, if i'm not mistaken. So it only makes sense that english clubs would have a lot of popularity here.
2 weeks ago
I feel for him because countless times he has expressed his allegiance to the club's future. He hasn't really impressed this season though, and certainly canno...
You could watch the whole match on
3 weeks ago
He hasn't really been impressive this season nor has he done anything special to merit play time. at least not enough to bench anyone. shaqiri likes to play c...
1 month ago
You blind fools… Everyone knows that the sexiest footballer is Ribery!
Don't know the Bayern fans you're talking to, but all the ones I know are praising Alonso's performance and are extremely happy with him. We don't need Kroos a...
Benatia supposedly to take medical in Munich tomorrow
2 months ago
Lets see... hows about 50 likes for Jeroen... for making a half life reference of course.
Definitely Fabius, I would want Griezmann at Bayern to replace Ribery. Griezmann is very technical and has great acceleration just like Ribs. Shaq is more of ...
3 months ago
A GK of his quality needs to play often so I hope Pep establishes a good rotation between Neuer and him. I personally do not want to see him wasted. Nonethele...
...and Lewandowski is officially on Bayern!
Brazil still has Dante though so its not like their defense is dropping down that much in quality. Supposedly, Willian, who was supposed to replace Neymar got ...
Bye bye Spain :)
4 months ago
Totally agree with Crxxx, except for the hate part, can't really hate the guy. Nonetheless Pepe is definitely a very dirty player. He fully deserved that red ...
Sorry, but if history has shown us anything, Robben is due for an injury just as he's reached top form…
This has been such a roller coaster of a rumor. I hope they reach a compromise for his new contract. As Schweinsteiger ages, Kroos can begin to take over the ...
5 months ago
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@Bennylein1706 If he didn't learn from the Madrid match and our 3-0 loss against Dortmund back in April that we need Javi in the midfield and Lahm at RB then ma...
Soooo… Thiago definite out due to his reoccuring injury, and Scheinsteiger is a doubt. I am so happy we have Kroos and Javi
Highly doubt Luiz and Cuadrado… and also you forgot Müller and Kroos??? -------------Lewa/Mandzu----------- Ribery/Calhanoglu---Gotze/Müller---Robben/Shaqi...
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@TheLEMONdowskii Were you physically or emotionally traumatized by a Bayern supporter or the club at some point in your life that instilled this hatred you have...
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6 months ago
AllensRoten thought the Bayern München v 1. Kaiserslautern match was awesome
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