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You sir, are one unbiased, well educated, true fan. Respect to you and those Gala fans who didn't stop for one second cheering and rooting for their team.
Eto'o, Hazard, Oscar, Lampard were amazing offensively. Everyone else played great in their position, but then again we played at home against a very average Eu...
What a boring match this was to watch. Neither sides created serious threats, but to be fair Bayern didn't need to create any threats, they did an awesome job b...
@Elcid, bro be careful who you insult, you're criticizing the best team in the league at the moment. Spurs did had slip ups in this match but if Chelsea hadn't ...
Great points you made there
I was so happy to see Vertonghen slipping and falling before the first goal was scored. He's just a little bitch, keeps diving at every match. Karma is a bit*h ...
I agree, but add Chelsea to the list while you're at it, for Cahil and Lampard.
Guys I know Spain is great, but at the moment they're not the best team in the world, trust me I'm more into European football than the South American football,...
Man, I watched this match and it was soooo boring, aside from Sturridge, everyone was average or poor. The one that stood out for me in terms of sucking ass th...
No they're not, they got thrashed by Brazil.
I agree but it was more like Higuain keeping Argentina at zero, he missed so many great chances. He's just too overrated
All those morning jogs with his dad has paid off, for those who follow Schurrle on Twitter and Instagram would know what I'm talking about.
You're using the oldest excuses in the book. "Stoke were looking to bully their opposition physically, break their legs, commit petty fouls". I watched most of ...
I'd be surprised if Arsenal finishes third this season. Liverpool will take third place, behind Chelsea and City at second and first.
@Modee, That's true, Chelsea plays rather poor against the lower teams, yet we are sitting at the top of the table. I never labeled Chelsea "champions", at leas...
Lol Arsenal fans speak as if they have won all their matches against the big teams this season. TheCheshireCat is right, you guys were lucky to walk away with o...
@Hazardous, Your prediction is spot on mate
You can say the exact possible thing about Chelsea, in the second half.
Good game by Torres and Azpi, to be fair, Cech made some impressive saves and we played better than what this highlight indicates. Not an impressing result thou...
I watched this match live and I have to say, half of United's players should not have the privilege to play CL football. Valencia, Cleverly, Young, Ferdinand, S...
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