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I still want him here :)
1 month ago
Omg these kids.. just go f****n study for ur exams or some s**t... @RealFan your just a Ronaldo fan boy and its understandable but no need to enforce ur opinion...
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50 cent*
2 months ago
Some positivity here..., how sick are our young players.., Rode, Hojberg , Gaudino are already world class.., I just loved the way Hojberg was playing against C...
Koooooooon vaaaaaay :D
They couldn't press us high since we had ribery and lewa up front.. they were pushing them back to their own ground.. these mistakes could be costly in knockout...
I must say guardiola got everything right till the end... no need to change a working system.. , no need to sub off ribery and lewa.. that's how you throw aw...
Lol so mean
I feel so bad for Dortmund, Rues injured again, and they couldn't win their game..
Whether sold or left.. the point being is leaving Madrid to Bayern for Robben was the best move of his life and it was a step up for him.
@RealFan "Why do players want to leave Madrid? I don't get it. We are the highest level..any other club would be a step down" just ask robben
Could this possibly get worse than this... we are running out of options here
Let the poor guy alone guys.. everyone is unintentionally biased towards their club and country.. so he obviously wishes and sees someone from his own club and ...
Robben is a monster , 2 trade mark goals from him against Latvia .... The defenders know exactly what's coming at them but yet he does it with ease ...
So ur saying he's better than Goetze and Neymar :/ ??
Right on point man, I have been meaning to say this for a long time now, His learning curve has been exponential, he is way more mature now under Guardiola and ...
Looks like Ribery is gonna replace him
3 months ago
Suarez would definiately start but maybe not finish the entire game , he scored a brace with Uruguay .., this should be a fantastic attacking game
This is f****d up man, I was waiting for him to come back and the extra flavor we need in the CL ughhh
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9 months ago
10 months ago
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11 months ago
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