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For such low price we got ourselves an incredible player.., this guys all round excellent.., I wanted to add Kingsley Coman as one of our good signings as wel...
3 months ago
What is your overall rating of Toni Kroos in your team so far?
I honestly supported Pep this entire time, however, he doesn't seem to learn from his previous mistakes, our defense is very vulnerable against a counter attack...
Who cares dude, someones opinion does not change the facts, I am not saying we are the best team right now however certainty not Real Madrid either
Our best shot is to give Kevin Volland a chance into the first 11.. honestly i have high hopes for this guy
Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 months ago
Goetze got subbed out quickly in the first half?? was he injured or something???
Ribery is back in training!
Pep is not crazy to leave right now, after three years of evolving his system to fit into bayern's style of play. he has the best squad in the market and incred...
I wish I could say the same
Spigy dont be bitter , I understand where your coming from though since two of your best players chose our club .. however elite clubs always buy talents from a...
Boateng is easily the best CB in the world atm , he is just keep getting better and better
They just miss that extra spark.. cuz simply they dont have those star players that you need in the CL to win you games
So what are your thoughts & prediction about this years CL who is going to take it home this year??
I think Rode is better off to be loaned out for one season or two .. the dude deserves playing time
Possession wise we are up there, I think what you mean is that we do not play as direct as we used to having robbery in our front line.. and that is for sure
I noticed Javi Martinez looks bulkier now, hes been working on his physique and looks pretty healthy now.. Kingsley Coman is a precious signing, I cant believe...
Wow, somethings telling me that we should forget about Ribery/Robben all in general .. sigh
5 months ago
@Fabius yes sir, remember that the transfer window closes today
I highly doubt it.. Keylor Navas will surprise you guys, hes an excellent keeper
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