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Well according to this website Robben is the fastest but this was recorded in the world cup
1 day ago
He made it to the top 5 before, so it does not look unrealistic .. however he def needs to produce something extraordinary in order to over come messi and cr7. ...
6 days ago
@Arjenfranzz I am just amazed by how shallow you look at things, Pep's unbelievable influence changed Germany' style of play in the world cup as well let alone ...
You cannot expect guardiola with his unique philosophy to copy and mimic Jups tactics, Jups era was over at bayern since he wanted to retire , we sure got the b...
1 week ago
What I mean is that he is not a creative player like he replaced robben , so he needs to step up his game and fill up robbens shoes , we are lacking the element...
Muller and Goetze are so s**t atm , like so useless , the team plays with no ideas .., it's like they forgot how to attack ....
Not happy with the dram I wanted Madrid or Barca, Bayern always want to face the best
Dortmund should have this game in their bag , they have their incredible fans behind them.. the only thing is the away goal policy , if they manage to keep a cl...
Hes coming to bayern next season lol
2 weeks ago
Well Im Canadian, but I do agree that our commentators suck at soccer, Its like your watching a basketball game or american football.. , the best is that old du...
Both ribery and robben out of bremen match..., ribery: sprained anckle, Robben: a trapped nerve I hope our guys recover just in time for the big upcoming game...
So if you think penalty shoot out makes more sense than away goals than I dont know know what to tell you, Away goal rule is one of those rules that I really a...
Mr. Thiago Alacantra is back in training again..., Tikki Takka ticks with him, he has so much to offer than any other midfielders we have right now
1 month ago
Mostly agreed with what you said there but you have to take it into the account that Pep knows only one philosophy and he is not very dynamic about changing his...
He has a point?
I still want him here :)
3 months ago
Omg these kids.. just go f****n study for ur exams or some s**t... @RealFan your just a Ronaldo fan boy and its understandable but no need to enforce ur opinion...
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4 months ago
50 cent*
Some positivity here..., how sick are our young players.., Rode, Hojberg , Gaudino are already world class.., I just loved the way Hojberg was playing against C...
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11 months ago
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