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Its all over the net bro, just a simple google would brighten you up , anyhow here is one link
6 days ago
Apparently we are after Munir El Haddad from FC Barcelona now, what are your thoughts on this guy?
1 week ago
This is what he said: "Liverpool made a bid for me before the World Cup but Bayern put their foot down and told me, ‘We’re not going to sell you’. My co...
Cuz he confirmed that hes on the move, we do not invest on players that want out.. , he is better off somewhere else we do not need him
I get that, but at the same time we know for a fact that rotation system doesn't do good for teams, players need to build team chemistry with other new players ...
Oh god lineup changes again.., this is retarded we need to build a solid first team without changing formation and players..
I miss Mandzukic, I never understood why we let go of him
Alonso has been amazing , he's sucha commander in the midfield
1 month ago
He was always an important player , but you guys failed to see it
Benatia against as Roma at their home stadium should be very interesting lmaooo
Honestly this is a sensational signing , we are one complete team now .... Oh my
To be honest it seems like Guardiola is going to push Lahm to the RB position and use Gaudino in that position
Thank you Robbery69 for your beautiful reply, definitely taking notes now :D, I wanna drive my brother's audi on autobahn thats one of those things I wanna do a...
@DaGaza, I meant when he came back from the amazing world cup that he had, he was pushed to sit on the bench and instead James Rodrigez who I think hasn't prove...
I just don't get why would real let go of him, Unbelievable player , He did not deserve to be on the bench
Honestly these kinda acts in football should be punished regardless of who you support .., you simply do not want such behaviours to enter into the beautiful ga...
Amazing signing, our team is complete now , we just have to cope with our injuries for now, although I wouldnt mind if we get Caudrado lol
Thanks Fabius for your list, Unfortunately this is my first time :( but I took down all those places you mentioned definitely gonna visit most of them of not al...
I'm flying over to Germany this Thursday for a two week vacation, I'm so excited I have most of my family in Munich, Any places you guys recommend to visit incl...
This is what I love about Bayern, We don't buy talent, we create talent
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