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There are several aspects to the regulations, if you actually read them... instead you defend Barca as some hero for blatantly breaking the rules rather than go...
4 hours ago
I never said I support every aspect of the regulations, I said I understand the spirit of why they were created. I also said that we should have operated as a c...
5 hours ago
@ZizOzil, If someone were having the same problem, how would they tell you if they can't reply...??
JRaty, I'm ignorant? You are the one claiming Barcelona can't train any non-Spanish kids under ANY circumstances. Let me inform you that is simply not true: Th...
6 hours ago
I never said there is absolutely no way to protect children except having their parents there. What I am saying, and surely you can't disagree, is that having t...
7 hours ago
JRaty, You speak like someone who has never had children or seen children at the mercy of the state. You assume that children (or even teenagers) know who to ca...
8 hours ago
^You think kids at youth academies only play football? Many of the youth leave their families behind to live 24/7 at the academy. Presumably, the children will ...
12 hours ago
@Jeroen & F4F, I don't think anyone will argue that signing Messi was bad for him or his family. The rules are in place, however, so that parents are not tempte...
19 hours ago
@Maaza, Precisely. Yet if Suarez were the one to be benched instead of Neymar, Mt would instantly become a major critic of Munir instead of a fanboy.
23 hours ago
I don't know what you mean by that, but Ekoj is a respectable user on these forums. One of my favourites to read up on, actually.
Oh how cute! You tattled on me. I'm flattered! You might also want to add that the mods are the ones who retracted the statement about the mother, not me.
Point taken. I changed it to make it less evocative or offensive. Your puppet Ekoj has been a busy bee lmao.
2 days ago
You two seem to have history between each other. I'll mind my own business, but I think one's mother should never be brought up in any negative capacity. Even i...
Alfrodo updated their profile
Mt1234 idolizes Luis Suarez and Diego Costa, some of the most controversial and polarizing figures in modern football. I'm pretty sure Mt had a similar hardened...
Fabregas played a part in all three of Chelsea's goals. Here is what Mourinho had to say: "I know him so well that I know exactly what he brings to my team. In ...
@Mt, There were other reasons besides "principles". Many of us felt a a world-class center back should have been a higher priority than Suarez. Furthermore, acq...
Full match replay with bookmarks for most goals: See Barca housekeeping -->
@Rajmahal, Numerous fans on this very forum (myself included) were, and still are, against acquiring Suarez.
FC Barcelona vs Club Leon. Full match with highlights marked:
All of you claiming that Caleb Porter was at fault: It was a fracking allstars match in which Caleb Porter had about as much authority over the players out the...
5 days ago
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