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AlexandreTheGr8 nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (90') for Goal of the Week
AlexandreTheGr8 nominated H. Ben Arfa (86') for Goal of the Week
Look how much classier Sienno handled that than Damy--typical holier than thou SoCal douche
What an all around sequence that was
Somewhere on FootyTube
5 years ago
How am i supposed to vote for a goal of the week on this one? Might have to make a couple new accounts..
Awful out of bounds call, great shot by bale, awful dive by bale.
Muller is the man. Also, he can jump out of the f*****g gym.
Probably, but I'm a big fan of marcelo. Roberto Carlos bred
Yea, Marcelo's the s**t.
That was a f****n penalty against Aguero..Reckless challenge. Also, if Kompany made that shot I might've creamed my pants.
He reminds me of how I need to change my picture. And my username :(
Well that's dumb
Wow nice goalie work. must not be a spurs fan.
I just got into "football" (we call it soccer) a year and a half ago and this 11-12 campaign has made a bona fide football fanatic. What a game.
Lol dont take it too personally
6 years ago
Yea good point, but sometimes you see ibra on the ball and forget he passes the ball like ozil ;)
But there was a clear implication in "against an italian team". Just walk away with your tail between your legs Jerrold...Thiago silva was too much for you guys...
Prince boeteng is one of the most underrated players in the need to watch more football thats all.
Seedorf most underrated footballer of the past 15 years
But mainly milan right
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