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3-0 tho just shows liverpools strength in depth pahahaha
6 years ago
Hahaha focus on top 6 more like!arnt Hull in the championship lmao you wnt see Man utd losing by this scorline even with 3rd string players
Hart with the best penalty lol
I wouldn't count on it
7 years ago
It is cheating its a game to the shieks any team with that muny wud do the same. Still 37 years or 38
Lucky fukin city scum
Arsenal over city any day the scum r ruining football
And ur an arsenal fan??
Ur right its not how football shud b. there will ruin football if they win the leauge u shudn't b able to buy these things
Ye bad comment somere!!!! hes 2 big 4 his own boots???
8 years ago
Arshavan is blatently better tho u gota admit the guys a genious
Ha excuses. liverpool r s**t n r not even gna get in top 8 ny excuses????? er er er er hmmmmmmm................................hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. torr...
Wot country r u from???? sucksssss assssss is sum fuked up sayin!!
Es fukin gash
Ye fukin scum as well
Well sed united thru n thru we r the best club he cud eva b at.....BLATENT
Wudnt go that far but defo better than foster
Lucky is not the word!! But pure class end of!!! As long as we keep fergie he's the main man
United are the boss team but im sorry obertan is shite n wtf has anderson done????? macheda's a very good player n gibsons looking good but we need 2 spend spen...
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