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Yup....Johnson defense quite poor, but his attack seems nice, why dont Kenny put him on right winger instead of right back? Right back can give Kelly chance to ...
6 years ago
Both played average, Chelsea defense perform rubbish, Liverpool lack of control midfield area until Chelsea can keep on attacking Liverpool and result they able...
Defense rubbish performance enough to cause team to lose the match already...YNWA
Great played from Liverpool!!! YNWA!!!
Andy seems improved more in this match, he had some chance in 1st half just not able to score it, I prefer Andy to keep on running in enemy field area to help t...
Sometime it seems like Liverpool too rely on Suarez and Gerrard. But I believed King Kenny did notice this where he keep on putting Hendo, Adam, Downing into th...
Nice performance from both, Newcastle really had impressive start in this season, still unbeaten same as MU~~
Well, congratulation to Arsenal win against Sunderland. RVP really amazing, world class attacker score a 29sec goal!! Nice free kick from RVP and also Larsson. ...
Omg....Benfica seems played better than Arsenal a lot!!! They deserved the win.
Barca truly European Champion!! Great play from Barca player!! MU had played a wrong strategy..they really gives Barca player a lot of space to arranged their a...
7 years ago
.....Liverpool need to wait another season only have chance to qualify for the CL....anyway, cant wait for next EPL season!! Haha, keep on Liverpool, crash Tott...
GoGo, take down tottenham this weekend also
He's really great, c.ronaldo no match for him~~ Messi was a danger man no matter where he is on the field when he hold the ball....
Thanks King Kenny for the bring back of Liv to top 5 of the table now~~ YNWA~~keep on moving~~
It was sad for me when Owen and Torres leave us like this, both my favorite player. WhiteStarBob are right, many player had left Liv likes, alonso, garcia, ciss...
All is good player and very talented, only thier playing style are different...anyway, what had Hernandez and Suarez done when Liv Beat MU 3-0...haha~~~ YNWA
Liverpool played better and New. United didn't played well, that the reason of this result...Performance in game really affect a lot the game, even Chelsea or M...
Omg!!!! Liverpool win with 2 "not real goal"....omg!!!!!! MU cant get "not real goal" to win Arsenal but sink by Ramirez "real goal"....oh??? whats the fact????...
Once a time ago, I quite like to watch Arsenal match although I m Liverpool fans, I still remember those arsenal great player that time such as Henry, Pires, Lj...
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