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The technique on that goal was breathtaking. notice in the slow replay he even hopped two times after taking the shot because he was so sure it was going in.
Somewhere on FootyTube
For once CHelsea does something useful
Spurs having to rely on penalties again to win matches. Wonder if it has anything to do with them not getting any penalties last season, because it all "evens o...
F**k OFF WITH THESE FOOTYLIGHT ADS FOOTYTUBE. ITS RUINING THE VIDEOS. If you want us to NOT download footylight, keep putting it on all the highlights. -_-
.... domination
So.... You think Liverpool will finish top four? Ok, lets see then..
HAHAHAHAHAH.... Oh you are serious. You guys were nowhere near UCL with suarez firing on all cylinders. If you lose him, you stand even less of a chance. If you...
Liverpool... with Suarez were no were near UCL, if they lose him, they are screwed.
Guy can't seem to stop diving...
Please... If he has a good season hes going to Bayern next year.
Wow... usually its funny when people do this, but now its just frankly ridiculous.
He didnt say RSdF countered in this game. he is saying that their ability to counter affected Tito's decision making.
5 years ago
That dummy by Sturridge was pure class :D
Its settled, england will win the world cup
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