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GSS...Please tell him.
3 years ago
Lol It's sad we have to play chelsea next in this present form. God help us, hopefully they don't do a double digit on us this time. Team needs to be fixed, at ...
SIF calm your tits sir, I think arsenalforever is being sarcastic with that gif.
Riches get bitches!!
AikayRS - Your of fire mate...I saw how mad you are at your teams performance and I know that your very straight forward and speaking truth. But that will only ...
Yup many more to come inevitably...
Its one injury per match and that's if we're extremely lucky, you should know the trend by now.
Yaldho it aint unfair. Whilst Welbeck should have buried his chances as a striker because its his job, Ozil had no right no be invisible in such a big match. Hi...
That's the term AV..."Disorientated". Truth is, we have a long way to go before being labelled a big club to be contested with because we just don't do it big...
Bro, this isn't about just this game but I've kinda scrutinized ozil's game for and man I'm not freaking impressed. The utter negligence and nonchalant attitude...
Ozil despite being played in a position he might not like puzzles me, are we sure this guy really wants to be here? His attitude is "very questionable".
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