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Should of been a goal!
8 years ago
Definetly the best keeper in the world!!
Hey wtf chelsea underestemated this team where were their strong starting 11 and most of all where was CZECK and TERRY. man u saw what happened when he put drog...
Olympiakos has a player named Dudu haha lol
Hey Mate, Noone is being picked upon. Think about it, look at the staff pics. Do you think we are right wing or left wing? We believe in freedom of speech. ...
Hey syuri!?
Your gorgous and know the game. There very few of u out there!
Hey gorgous!
Thank you for your concern but the jewish members have pictures of IDF soldiers that i too see as offensive> Aren't i entitled to my first amendment right? Ther...
Hello Ahmed, Footytube is a great site through which one can meet fellow football fans from across the world, share ideas and interests and generally express t...
One word: ANAL obliteration!
One word...REMOVED
That Keeper was amazing in the first half. He could of gotten a clean sheet if he had a good defence. f**k SPAIN.
My team is Actually Tottenham! and Chelsea was lucy!! Ibra had a lot on his mind like going to barca and all. Players can't do s**t when they have such big thin...
Honestly, both teams played well.
Man U is GARBAGE!! They just got lucky.
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Why was the camera guy focusing on his balls? Good move and hopfully he'll come over to the rpemeir league.
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