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-Drogba, Shevchenko, Super Frank, Legendary Captain Terry, Zola, Di Matteo, Torres

-Maldini, Baggio, Totti, Maradonna, Nesta, Costacurta, Buffon, Edgar Davids (Favorite)

and most importantly EVA CARNEIRO!!! ;)
-Arsenal, Tottenham, QPR, Fulham, Manchester as a whole!
Semi-Pro (Striker) Bombaklack
-Speak bunch of languages, I was lucky enough to play competitive football till the age of 19 (blood clot ended the career).

-I am Russian Supported Chelsea from childhood. So BLUE IS THE COLOR

-There is nothing better than a red beer and a great Chelsea football match!
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AgentPutin thought the Russia v Liechtenstein match was awesome
3 years ago
4 years ago
Hahaha dive? 3 of them could of easily been pens!!!
Ibra is simply one of a kind! What a magician with ball, he scores the most beautiful goals! I wish he could win a ballor d'or because he has literally carried ...
I have no words for Suarez! What a beauty, the guy is a child in a man's body, works so hard, the passion is unrivaled by anyone in the world! Everytime, he s...
What can you expect from a team when Kagawa is not a starter... He is the best creative midfielder Man Utd has!!! Sad to say Welbeck/Young/Giggs/Fellaini/Valenc...
Well positives are Hazard, Lampard, and Mata. Negatives are the defenders in general and Torres. Man, I love Torres but he simply cant keep building up from hi...
Completely different atmosphere and confidence in this year's UTD compare to SAF's team. Young isnt going to make many fans with his anitcs, gotta smarten up!
First of all, Torres had a great performance... However that was a weak goal by Hart (in no mans land) and by Cech (flat-footed). Hart should learn his lesson...
Gotta be joking, Messi just came back from injury and still hes running circles with the ball at his feet, next week he'll score a hattrick and hes back to norm...
However the foul on fabs was also a penalty, and a red... Thats how ankles go all the time, filthy tackle
When is the last time you won a title?
I dont understand Mou's substitution of Mata and Schurrle imo they were playing very well, creating chances. Lamps didnt bring anything to the game at all. We...
Can wait to see how Ronaldo and Bale play this season... Just to make things clear ronaldo is now a full out striker and bale is taking his position? Well excit...
Video 2:35 mins, introduction 1:35 mins... That says it all... great game!
Great goaltending from both teams, even more impressive was the defending! France will dominate the world cup next year.... fk
"By far the better team" you are kidding right? Benfica couldnt do anything with the ball just like Barca couldnt vs bayern or chelsea for that matter last year...
Banica who is talking about expensive players, Barca hasnt spent any money in the last decade! I dont even want to start naming them all off!
I agree, I wish him the best after this season! He has dealt with chelsea in a professional and humble matter.
B**hurt much? Chelsea took care of their chances in a pretty even match. Our defense was much better from start to finish, and thats what wins titles... Look at...
Man barca's defence is the headline of the year! Absolutely rubbish! Adriano as a CB?!?! come on, they are gonna struggle until they get some reinforcement in t...
Luiz smiled, cuz he knew Rafael would foul him... I mean a red is a bit much, however rafael was a pest all game and that kick was pure frustration. Big 3 point...
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