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11/29/86 Go GIGGSY!!
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A good dummy, the sound of a crowd after a clean dribble, Screaming my head off for 90 min straight in the cauldron... My girlfriend, rugby pretty much anything with a ball, and a score.I am a devout follower of le coq daily praying to saint tierry and saint cantona.
The yellow soccer team. and hacks. and refs. and Jim Rome. pretty much most us soccer pundits and fans. And David Beckham.
Just for Fun (Forward) Funkadelics FC
5'8" 180 of speed and footskill, still lacks a finishing touch and at times a bit rough around the edges,but a hard worker and a leader.A genetic blend of Robinho, Roy Keane, and Jozy.
More to come.....
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Were you at the sounder game? Pretty intense, eh? I'm happy, but kinda disappointed that KC didn't make it in. Wolff's shot would've been insane had it gone ...
8 years ago
Especally on the pro level. you tell some one there job, there livelihood and their legacy is "just a Game"
Let me start off by saying that even though i am in awe of his skill and can understand first hand how passion can quickly boil over and turn to rage, Ronaldo's...
Yea the stomp was a shame but i still think that his celebration was acceptable. if they say youre no good, rub it in there faces. how is it ok for fans to sing...
Let me start by saying that the stomp, was deliberate and thusly disgusting and shows his character.I see i am in the minority on this one but i feel that the c...
In the light of ade's jaunt to the arsenal end, what are the footy tube nations thoughts on those type of goal celebrations?
Enjoying your opinions mate, keep them coming!
Further examples of soulless refs, not under standing what it feels like to school a big goal. those who can play those who could, coach and those that cant ref...
Dont be so hard on him, one hes a seattle fan so football iq may not be his thing and hes like 10. haha jk Brendan youre a good kid
None. just as players are guilty of emotions getting them caught up in the moment, refs are human(sort of) too. they make bad descioions and very rarly do i hea...
Personally i have no idea what the man might do but im optimistic. While by all indications i hear the players like Onalfo, but he makes shaky tactical and sub ...
Henry bergkamp, or toni klose, i cant belive no ones mentionde toni klose
Ive Gotta say the 4-1-2-1-2, As a forward, i think that its a gift to play with two forwards not a curse, and the daimond is hard to attack for thier mids, but ...
Im a Sagittarius, so i have good ones, Abel Xavier, Michael Owen, and i share an exact birthday with Ryan Giggs. Unfortunatly i bear the burden of know ing whi...
Ocd aint all bad as a jogador, it makes me relentlessly and obsessively practice my game and i mess up a juggle on an odd number i have to go till i get the nex...
Yea most of the time i find my self wishing they would shut up so i could hear the supporters singing. far more entertaining to me. and yea the media over here ...
Tell me one other player any ANY pro league that had two confrontations of the same nature a week after a fine and gets little to no repercussions
I think he does deserve the criticism. if you had a colleague who was slacking off at work, and you called him out about it. wouldn't you expect your boss add o...
Excellent point i think we are all over looking the common sense ov the situation. if going out and buying up all the talent worked, wouldnt every transfer mkt ...
Its about 15 bucks to sit in the supporters secction at the wizards games, and 200 for season ticks. and sleeping pills it seems to me that if the wiz are a sle...
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