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You can't behave like Tevez did and anyone that condones it is an a@shole. He put himself above all his team mates. Get on the field and play! This seems to be ...
No need to mention Messi in this comments section. He exited with disgrace for Argentina a long time ago. The Uruguayans have been brilliant and their attack fo...
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I'd rather have Aguero. He just has that extra bit of magic and youth and the best is yet to come at age 23. He also has more raw talent. Tevez is peaking and s...
Carroll will make us play like the English again. Whipping in low percentage balls and trying to out-muscle instead of out play opponents.
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If you tried this case in a course of law there is a preponderance of evidence that there is a plot. If Barca want to be the best team ever (which they certainl...
Yeah @Thedamgame you are a disgrace. And the mass of Italians who think the same way are. Who do you all think you are?
7 years ago
The world is full of stupid people... How can you claim Barcelona would have won? It was 1-1 11 v 11. Barcelona scored off the biggest blunder of Cesc's caree...
Neutral perspectives are grossly over rated.... More fun to just say bad things about him that aren't true and wish him faliure.
Liverpool fans think VERY differently. You put on the red shirt and enter a culture and club that believes in old fashioned pride, loyalty etc... Nobody Abando...
@MasterBloom "Football is football, nobody is born to wear a club jersey. Only internationals." That is the way Chelsea fans think. Liverpool fans like to belie...
Yep, certainly not a PK this is not a girls sport. But forwards are smart enough to go down under minimal contact when that happens and if the ref is at a certa...
8 years ago
The Difference = Finishing. Possession is not football. I hate the "Ghana should have won" talk because they had their opportunities and didn't take them. That'...
What is the argument here? The penalty was probably illegal you have to maintain a fluid motion by law. You can fake out the goal keeper, he clearly broke strid...
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