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Its a win, but not a win to win cups. an stop complining, we lost CL because of van P diving ...
7 years ago
Now we just got do that twice
How many times have we seen messi score or play good for Argentina. if u have players like Xavi and co. u dont need to be good to play good
Wat so u can kiss it
Yea like the way u did aginst Spurs
One game dosn't mean s**t. So be carfull u dont get to excited and find ur head in ur ass.
Not only that, Mourino's comment was we will give a very enteraining game for world to see. the only mistake he made was not to forsee what happens to his team.
Its not lucky because spain lost their first match in WC with more then 70% possession. possession dosn't mean any thing unless u win.
Yo mate, u live n toronto???s**t!!! u play any soccer?
You might not have seen his last miss from one yards. Tevez s**t and no wonder hes capiton, because everyone else is worest than him
No, they play manager mode in FIFA 2010, then they try to buy players an write articles.
I got one but I play COD and manager mode alot, its real fun when u bring giggs and scholes ages to mid 20s.
Thats some funny s**t cant wait to tell my ass-anal friend this
People or supporters didn't sing much because of the glazers. The manutd Fan club organizers are oing everything the opposide because of the Americans. and plus...
I don't understand why people are sad because they have him in DF and he won't be able to play. He is in serious pain and only an athlete would know his pain. I...
Its the first time i have seen people in England get so happy because of a moslim man. I am assuming the terrosist eara are past. So i guess money does speak. ...
They are leeds united of premier league, wait untill the arabs leave them with doubt
I could beleave how will he is playing these days, against chealse, Newc and now against WestH. I hope it dosn't stop here. cause it just got started.
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