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4 years ago
He seems to have a lot of skill... but he does have the body and strength of a 14 year old
Amazing 3rd goal by Suarez, can't believe he had the balls to try that..
Man it was entertaining to watch the highlights for this game, i wish i could've caught it live!
I had to remind myself several times that i wasn't playing fifa 12 when messi was chipping the ball so perfectly over that goalie... this guy just makes it look...
Today is a good day to be an arsenal fan...Lay back and smile
From a neutral stand point, these RM/Barca games are so fun to watch. I usually hate the fact that the spanish league has 2 teams that are head and shoulders ab...
5 years ago
Dude that was clearly not offside... how can you argue against slow motion replays.. lol
Somewhere on FootyTube
Maybe he was just ordering them a wild turkey..
Was Neymar playing for Gabon? that number 9 looks very familiar..
After every goal... i was like, ok that's all they're getting, then they get one more, than another, than another!
Not a single ugly goal in this game... but whats up with the inter defense? and what a pass by snejder for the last goal!
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