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Come on let's face it! England's never been in the contenders list for any competitions as far as I can remember. All they've is history.
5 years ago
OMG this is so brilliant!!! If it works in PES13, it must definitely work in real competitive match. Surely a genius like you have to become Berca coach at some...
No more star players... what now Winger???
Congrats to Newcastle for the win. Cisse is an awesome forward, no doubt, 13 goals in 12 games. Don't wanna take away anything from him, but come on guys, that ...
Mates football is not all about attacking, it's also about defending. If you can't see the beauty in both, I would say your football knowledge is just shallow. ...
6 years ago
You mean "CALM" lol well, it might sounds to you like "COME" hahaha. I just love trolling fail English comments.
Rain is the sole reason? come on, man... grow up and give credit when it's due. This is just sad.
Yes, it is true that the ref can go back after giving at advantage and discipline players. And we have seen a lot of keepers see red for play like these. But re...
Hahaha lmao literally, this "dirtiest football" coming from a barca fan, I mean really hilarious... pls just go to youtube and search for "barca dive", u will g...
You must really be retarded to ask Kaka questions like these.... I mean the guy literally played his whole career at AC. And,if anyone talks about Kaka, they're...
Lol I think you not complaining has to do with it is your team getting the advantage rather than your reason - happens once in a while.
@ChaosStriker Dude, you are so bias man. You claim ref's bad calls in one match makes Madrid win the title in a points system league. What happened to Madrid so...
Yet if the keeper is ready, he can easily save it.
It seems like it should be "we're" instead of "where" in the first few sentences. You know, by all means, I don't think not being able to write perfect English ...
Barca's way of playing is very smart, as you described. But does that make it right. We are not talking about intelligence when it comes to diving, we are talki...
Two cool votes for you Adam for accepting my friend request and being Chelsea fan
Peoples claiming that Valencia was terrible obviously didn't watch the whole game. It was no surprise to see a very offensive team like Valencia, who play...
@Spainrule If the team who has the most possession means dominating the game, I would probably agree with u. But since it is not and we played better defense an...
Yeah the ref should make sure Dembele brake his leg in half before he went for the red. It is not about how much the other player is hurt, it is about how reckl...
Yep I totally agree with Giorgio1133 that's not laziness, but malevolence and shallow ethics. And also, Gio's great counter argument to point out other team's p...
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