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Oooo what a second goal from Suarez, fantastic footballer
Hope they stay up, they're a great club and deserve to play in the pl
Dont think either of them were penalties tbh, Rafael had his hand swinging and it came off this thigh so it was more of a ball to hand. I can see why West Ham's...
Let me grab you a cushion
Rather he stay at Southampton for a while... Its rare to see players stay loyal to their club these days
More of a ball to hand id reckon... unlucky Mansfield
A lucky decision for us I reckon although the presence of the 2 other defenders and the keeper close by might've contributed to that since it might've not been ...
Nice goals from Johnson and Cole, clinical finishing that Liverpool have sorely missed.
You're probably one of the few real City fans, most of the plastic ones have gone into hiding.
Loved Nasri in the wall haha, same as Tevez coming on and swearing + kicking out at Jones (Def should've seen Red for that). Just epitomized the mercenary behav...
Unlucky Everton with the Penalty. Looking forward to the derby though!
Michu probably couldn't get the waterboy position in the Spanish national side but by god he is a class act in the pl. Just shows how talented this generation o...
Roller coaster of emotion this morning D: Kudos to Reading, especially their wingers who terrorized our aging/inexperienced fullbacks and put in some great deli...
If this was United playing then everyone would be screaming 'Cheat' and 'They paid the ref' hahaha
Reddev... stop talking, you give the rest of us a bad name... Chelsea did have more names/A teamers on the field but their performance did match it, atleast in ...
Poor guy, he was so worn out. Certainly didn't expect to be playing for a whole 120mins, that too against Chelsea
Haha buccaneer people like you are the reason I decided to sign up to Footytube. Like sanandasaps said, this is the league cup match, not the pl match. Clattenb...
Wootton and Keane were alright consider they are 21 and 19 respectively and were up against Chelsea, at the Bridge, for 120 minutes. They did struggle and were ...
Ummmm which United 'fans' are these?
Chelsea's midfield trio are absolute class, Id hate to be up against them in a few years with maybe Falcao spearheading the attack. A true force to be reckoned ...
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