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Where've u been man
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Achiox gave the United States v Germany video a rating of 5
Where are the highlights for England vs Brazil? All I saw was Joe Hart vs Brazil for most of the highlights
Achiox nominated W. Rooney (79') for Goal of the Week
Achiox gave the Brazil v England video a rating of 5
Achiox thought the Ecuador v Germany match was good
Achiox gave the Ecuador v Germany video a rating of 4
Welcome (back) to the EPL Crystal Palace!
2 years ago
Thanks for the compliment on the profile pic! :D
Very nice display pic Paul :)
As a United fan this is what I feel like when I enter the BvB forum:
Had to get through midfield and defence to make it to Lindegaard. Defending was piss poor
^ hahaha so true!
Congratulations Latics!!
Achiox gave the The secret history of Ferguson and Moyes video a rating of 5
Do fullbacks exist at United? All I see are wingbacks, and that's the same case for a lot of top-table teams in EPL... Totally agree with Tony, Rafael = liabili...
Achiox gave the Shock! Horror! Mr.Bumble loses Mascot Grand National video a rating of 5
To put it simply: GG Newcastle.
Started watching the game just a few minutes ago, and after Sturridge's goal it's not surprising Liverpool are ahead. Great positioning and finish.
Thank you for your insight Master Yoda :)
Ach was... Die Deutsche sind so viel besser als die Spanier... Natürlich weiß ich, dass Lewandowski einer Pole ist, aber die Fußballelf sind fast ganz Deutsc...
I was actually waiting for people to point out the offside. I was watching TSN (piss poor commentators so I would assume similar match camera angles) and all 3 ...
A child playing football with a professional is testament to the true purpose and value of the sport: fun. :)
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