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Great game for Liverpool ! Bellamy is fantastic speedygonzales))
6 years ago
Chi and rafa was very bad, often loose da ball. Give credit to De Gea, he did all work for the defence. Maybe Fergie puts his money on the bookie for Atletico))
In your dreams Chelsea !!
Ahahaha Casillas)) Too old for top club already
Heard some opinion , that Muslera is average goalkeeper ! but from the world cup and south america cup i cant agree with that ! he is very confident ! by the wa...
Uruguay is the best attacking team in the world wright now !
No Xavi-Iniesta - No Messi ( best player in da world )
Ooo mmm ggg )) i think that every average eropean team would win Copa America. They are all so selfish, no team spirit, and in the end not ineteresting games , ...
Congrats RM !!! I Think that RM has a great chances in CL vs Barsa ! Seems like they are more like a team , and Mourinho did the job well !!!
7 years ago
My Gosh , Giggs and Van Der Star fantastic !!! Thank you United !!
Glory Man Utd. We are coming RM))) By the way , 50mlns boy is huge disaster and Anchelotti doesnt see it?? Anelka is sharper with Drogda, even Kalou makes more ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
F, you say kidds watching television?? and Rooney said a cuss word?!?! ))) Kids are watching pornos on daddys pc ,dont give a f**k about the words. But this is ...
RM Needs new goalkeeper. Casillas is a legend , but too many mistakes from him.. Every time he miss the goal , he's screams for offside) thats funny.
АРШАВИИИИН!!!!! Arsenal was fantastic! Congratelations Arsenal !!! Waiting for the second leg. Hope that Gunners get throught Barsa
Ffs ... No words , Russian football is full of s**t.. EBANUCO
Brazil nothing special , Luiz too , owned by Benzema . I like brazil playing style , but they play not as team , thats poor( Cogrates Le Blues! Welcome back)
Aaaaa )) Man Utd !! ffs magical come back , i thought the record will be broken , but ManU simply the best ! And to ARS fans - ИДИТЕ НАХУЙ ! thats r...
Pavlychenko to Real Madrid hahahahahah ))) are you kidding ?!?!?
Somewhere on FootyTube
He's really good, i think with that techniq he can play also lika DMF or even CMF . Great choise by Ancelotti !
And after that Messi is the 1st one ??? Cant believe it(( Ronaldo has so lot of talent, Messi has to , but M cant do things what does Ro.
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