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AceManDoC7 nominated Cristiano Ronaldo (90') for Goal of the Week
6 years ago
Soo many barca fans beginning to jump onto the next wagon i see lol
AceManDoC7 nominated Cristiano Ronaldo (2') for Goal of the Week
Apart from the first amazing goal, abiatti did a complete s**t job of keeping the ball out of the net
U mad bro?
Somewhere on FootyTube
The Star.... that is all
Im loving these moutinho, nani, and ronaldo combinations
Its his dedication for his 2 year-old son
I agree lovelyeli, perfect example was in the world cup against spain when he played cf and lost, then a few months later he played as winger against them and b...
7 years ago
I'd say people dont get far in life because they cant answer a simple question
Really, you idiots are going to start this again, i remember when he scored 41 goals in 07-08 season and everyone said that was his peak, a few years later and ...
I bet you made that saying up all by yourself buddy, lmao so unoriginal
@AdnanBosnia is just mad because portugal destroyed his team to make the euros ;) try scoring that goal buddy, thats no fluke
Cause thats what some barcelona "fans" do to occupy their time
I wish i was yousifsaid and had the opportunity to meet marcelo and confirm hes a douchebag
This is true, i give credit to Ron for working so hard during his career
Okay we get it you think he plays good stop repeating it
Oh my goodness so many people hate this portuguese team, a blunder and they are all out in forces bashing the team but when they play well they crawl back to th...
Diving? you are a complete f*****g idiot that didnt watch the game so shut the f**k up
Except for the usual prick...
You mean when dani alves kicked him in the chest and it went unnoticed?
AceManDoC7 added new photos to Best Defenders
9 years ago
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