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With no club from England in the Champions League semi-finals, is this the end of the glory days of English club football, or a blip while teams are in transiti...
8 years ago
I disagree with the injury-length ban for these reasons: As has already been pointed out there is a difference between a tackle with intent to damage and a shod...
While I like the idea of bringing in greater competition to the top four, it is grossly unfair on the team that finishes fourth to then have to replay the teams...
Hierro, didn't always play DM but used to bang the goals in as well as defending well apparently, should get a mention. He played for Real Madrid and Spain, sco...
It's not acceptable to change someone's words. It's really not acceptable to change someone's words without asking them.
Perhaps but why not allow the tides of intelligent self-pleasure carry you also! It's a lot of fun on the wave of intellectual ejaculations! Probably will ru...
You appear to have misread me. I did not write that he was justified in diving. In fact, I explicitly say something to the contrary " iving is cheating". Rather...
I agree that, in all likelihood, Eduardo dived. Diving is cheating. Cheating should be punished, preferably at the time, but better late than never. I say this ...
I like the ABR! Although I can't help but feel that the ambiguity in these definitions would have the statisticians sweating..
I'm really enjoying this! What about a particular type of ABC Run? I've never seen this done but it really should be tried. Making an ABCO Run: Assist ...
Matt, I would say 'ABC Run' was the more simple, catchy, and positive term than what you used to shout.
MainEvent, cheers! Good luck finding it :)
A suggestion for a footballing neologism: I give you the Assist By Critical Run. What is an ABC Run? It is a run made by a player who does not receive the bal...
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