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5 years ago
Walters deserved man of the match :D
The way piazon plays and passes is "kaka-like". Great vision.. he'll be massive for chelsea in the next few years
Pogrebnyak is underrated. why didnt he stay in fulham??
That won't be too hard once man utd and city and possibly even arsenal settle into the season. don't be too happy cos you'll eat your own words at the end of th...
Maybe next season bro. this season is 4 bayern
Me neither. but he made both goals happen. perfect distribution to robben for goal 2 and clinincal finishing in goal 1. me thinks he'll get more games than gome...
He is good at heading. he said in an interview that he is just not at 100% fitness yet. give him a month or so and he'll be scoring headers like crazy ;)
The keeper got subbed in the 2nd half. Thats why madrid scored 4 goals.. If they left abbiati instead of puttin on amelia, it would be maybe 1-1 or 2-1 at most....
I doubt it.. This is just preseason
These guys played nothing like the regualr barcelona team. maybe tito villanova might be trying to change their style of play away from the 1 touch passing styl...
As much as i'm not a huge fan of American style of playing football , i do have to say that bradley really is something special.
They are slowly getting better.. Italy were all over them though.luckily for US, they have a BEAST in goal...or else :P good job USA
6 years ago
US got lucky. Italy were all over them like bees. USA should try Italy in a world cup or any other championship and see what happens.. lol but i'll give credit...
Hahah..even though i am a manutd fan i do have to say that was hilarious :D
7 years ago
Keep waiting... lol it CANT happen i cant wait though.. i like both teams and i dunno who i want to win
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