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So overall, not what we expected but still a solid result this year. Rumor is that we will be selling all over the place this year. I hope that means we're buyi...
6 years ago
Could Ant be an ENT? Love the alien man!
Osvaldo scored an amazing goal with a bicycle kick that was disallowed by an incorrect offside call. Better that Rooney's bicycle, it's the best goal I have see...
Keep it up Montella! We can't stand Roma, but you can stick around.
Still early in the season but for Catania (currently around 6 place?) it's an early Christmas. This city is buzzing with team pride right now. Really looking fo...
Great game! IF Catania can get their back line in order, they could have a great year. Offensively, it looks pretty sound.
Had a small glimmer of hope that Catania might be able to pull off a win. We Catanese are all happy to see a draw. Hopefully we can keep a solid record at home....
It's just you.
We don't want your appologies. We want Juventus returned to the European Superpower it once was.
Cavani makes me want to cheer for Napoli. SO exciting and sure-footed. He is helping Napoli thrust Southern Italian calcio to the level of respect it deserves. ...
Why in the hell didn't Catania trade or sell Lopez. He almost douched this penalty like he did against Boca Juniors back in the day. Well, at least we won. And ...
Really a horrible match. Apart from Rossi and a late entrance from Zaratè..not too much to be said. I predict relagation for Inter this year.
Anyone notice that there were 10 Italians in the starting lineup? Tribute to new stadium, perhaps? Not the best players on the team, but the mear fact that Juve...
Palermo's potential this season has started with a fiery eruption. How they have the money to keep these players, only the mafia can answer. If Miccoli stays in...
The Catania goal was scored by Keko a new purchase from where....Athletic Bilbao of course.
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