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5 years ago
Did you just copy your earlier comment so it would appear on top again? *smh
Almatrium's comment is a great example of not knowing anything but sounding confident. Dreadlord is correct; that was an obvious offside goal.
Great player. Inter must be kicking themselves. 10 million euros, wasn't it?
Brilliant, cheers.
Well, I heard about this event and I was totally on the side of the ball-boy, with my thoughts being "you can't ever, ever do that." But now having watched it,...
Oh, the difference a comma makes.
I don't think you watched the match. No one is saying Shelvey didn't deserve red, because he did. It's just that Evans went into the same tackle two-footed an...
Ha ha. Just have to add I just watched the Russian commentary for the game, and it was hilarious. After the Valencia dive, all he says is "Shameful. Shameful...
Chins up, Liverpool fans. You outplayed United with 10 men, and looked pretty good against City a few weeks ago as well if memory serves. A horrible referee c...
The difference is that Vidic used to commit an obvious last-man foul in every match against Liverpool for some reason.
Why didn't you just watch the replay instead of asking the question? He's onside. The only real question is whether the second one went in, and in my opinion ...
6 years ago
I just read that back to myself and realise I come across like a Spurs fan, which I think we can all agree is absolutely the last thing you want to be. Point s...
Congratulations Arsenal on yet another season of coming close, but not winning anything.
If they keep spending more than everyone else in the league for 25 years like Man U did, then they will win 10-15 league titles in that time, just like your tea...
I love the irony of a Man Utd fan, one of the top 2-3 spenders for the last 20 years, referring to City as Manche$ter City. Sure, they've spent more than you t...
For me Messi is just behind Pele and Maradona still, but if he has another couple of years like he's going, then he could end up on top of the heap. But the la...
That's either some masterful sarcasm or you're a blert. You are a Liverpool fan and yet you prefer Wenger over your best player ever and a manager who led you ...
Can't really tell anything important about a team once a red is shown, especially an unjust one so early. Don't get too high after this, Liverpool, just like y...
You know, for all the hype about Neymar, I'm not so sure that Lucas isn't a better player. Wonder where he'll end up (and for how much).
Who is the co-commentator on the long dailymotion link? You don't expect Shakespeare from football commentators, and I'd expect some pro-English-team bias fr...
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