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The final score is 2:5... Our karma feels good. lol
1 year ago
I would not have blamed u for that... hehe Actually I wanted to do the same at that moment... Very stupid action from his part
I ve never heard about your team and I hope I ve never will
Ok I didnt see the longer highlights but I ve seen all match and after match interview... They wanted to gave them goal back but Stepanenko did not unfortunatel...
When Barca scored the same goal to us in 2008 it was Ok cause it was Barca, yeah? Nobody talked about it. And many of you have never heard about it. I do not j...
Of course, we would not have won without that goal *sarcasm*
WHAT???? I dont know English enough to say to you all I want to!! I just can say f**k YOU and your austrian super chempionsheep! lol
Adriano is a piece of s**t, yeah
Ok, I want to say sorry to Nordsjælland fans for that, but stop blaming all team.
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