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Me? well, I am nice to those nice, kind to those kind, conversationalist. FC BARCELONA ( 4-3-3 ) ______________________VALDES_____________________ ___ ...
Milan! Milan! Solo con te! Milan! Milan! Sempre per te!
Proarsenal (Barış) from İstanbul, Türkiye
Respects all fans who have respect for themselves and others..
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NATIONAL TEAM: 1. Argentina CLUBS: 1. BARCELONA (Spain, CL and overall) 2. AC MILAN (Italy) 3. MANCHESTER CITY (England) About me: Sim ...
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
Zian6 (Ghazian Azfar) from Rome, Italy
Hello there! My name is Zian, I support Milan, My nickname in footytube is Zian6 because my name is Zian and i was born at november 6! Yeah, now that was kind of stupid (Its ...
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