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@ JRadical: you need modern players to play modern soccer. Vidic is a classic defender and he would get raped with a 3-5-2. Rooney is also much more comfortable...
These highlights (for who watched the whole game) really do not make justice to the spectacular game that was played. Too, too bad for that sloppy/lucky own goa...
It's Garcia…he is just so cart. He understands players very well and knows how to get maximum performance/efficiency from each one. Plus he had Gervinho at Li...
With or without Totti? Your statement is confusing but wrong either way because with him on the field we wrecked, and without him on the field we dominated. May...
Thank you! Unless it's Barca, Real or Manure the highlights are always crap….ugh
The number of options Guardiola has on that bench…insanity!
Mourinho is a joke…not a manager. Pellegrini is a manager; Martinez is a manager; Garcia is a (great) manager;…Mourinho is the special one (special meaning ...
When Chelsea parked the bus, they won with 2 shots…what if West Ham scored on 1 of the 2 chances they had? The bottom line is that parking the bus is what Che...
Ciani spared them a semifinal humiliation! MERDE!
That's called having shitty finishing my friend…not an indication of a great game lol
Moronho won a CL playing like that and so did Chelsea (too recently to be acting frustrated). Bottom line: you tied with West Ham and couldn't score 1 goal with...
ASFedayn just Watched
ASFedayn just Watched
Chelsea is always rubbish as long as Mourinho is their
3 Lazio Fans and 8 people who did not watch the game...nice
Mac29 summed it up best...and I think his comment agrees with Cquaresma. No matter how good you are, there is always some hope/prayer...otherwise Balo would nev...
Oh yeah, and Crouch did it from further away...
I was just gonna say that!!!!!! And yeah, Crouch's was way better...not even necessary to say it. He was playing in a top league against a top gk...
Nobody mentioned Italy. Under the radar we go again...and then you see Neuer in tears and Balo flexing. So much for the unbeatable Germany ultra-mentioned here ...
Account-removed lol
Daje che co Petkovic tornate in B ;)
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