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Whenever George talks, the opposite is always true (which would mean he is not scoring goals)
8 years ago
Ur a chump alex. to tell you the truth, i kind of wish i was in greece because i relax better there, here i have a bunch of stuff going on and it never ends. ...
Yea kefalonia is great you should've come. probably the best vacation i've had. i rare;y use the internet now so don't expect meto respond so soon. peace!
Yo, hows greece? did u see the goals in the spain vs. south africa game"? they were in the pocket, i liked south africa's goals so much especially the 2nd one
Yea i know, you thinbking techny and krifto today?
Chump, ronaldo is gone from Man U
Ari come back
What a bad game right
9 years ago
Hey whats up ari, we going to play footy this weekend
If you are what you eat, then I'm fast, easy, and cheap, it's a sign that my aunt has in her kitchen it's pretty funny
To find out who you are you have to look at the surrounding environment of someone during their lives. Mainly the community around them, their living condition...
You are what you eat.
What story?
No, we still should have gotten most of these im really disappointed in myself
Hey ppdb we missed: sandshrew, sandslash, zubat, golbat, meowth, persian, weepinbell, graveler, magnemite, magneton, drowzee, hypno, paras, parasect, cubone, ma...
Aris.269@hotmail.com, add me now or i will destroy u
No i will destroy u, did u see ronaldo's shot?
I'm going to destroy you!!! ;)
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