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2 years ago
AMRMASRI gave the West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United video a rating of 5
Http:// awesome vid what a legend..
HOW on earth Dortmund manged to turn the best midfielder(yaya toure) into one of the worst men in the match...?!! thats the Question u should be asking .. cuz ...
Http:// its ON b*****s.. btw this is the best promo i'v ever seen.. u gotta watch it in HD
That awkward moment when Torres passed Valdez, yet many people thought he was gonna miss it! lol
3 years ago
I agree.. they need another goal at the camp nou
I fell sorry for Parker he was hit more than the ball...!
Http:// cool vid
@st1or thnx my8 :) @henkkaa i knew u wouldn't read it(in a very Complected and a cool way) ...that's why i put 75% ;)
Did you know : 75% of the people reading this are reading this..
Is that supposed to be funny? or are u trolling cuz u failed at both of them :P
@ AFG wut Ultra Sur??!! all i hear is that stupid drum.. the santiago bernabeu have a Capacity of 85454...with a club like real Madrid and with the stars madr...
I dont know why but I voted goal of the week for benzema :P
Get ronaldinho back ?
Extended Highlights first Half second Half
Is this the worst season SAF has lived ?? or did he saw worst than that.. cuz he seems a bit cold blooded like he got it all under control ! i know he is one o...
3 goals in 10 min 2 of them scored by substitutes he is indeed a f****n SPECIAL ONE...
I cant c y Bellamy wasn't from the starting XI...??!!
@ AFC19 who said anything about la liga?! and just so u know i would prefer Premiership over la liga any day.. @fabby u got a point there.. that might be the r...
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