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5 years ago
Wow... the only player who is class in donetsk is willian, i hope he leaves to a bigger and more classy club.... come to MILAN!!
Green: worst goalkeeper in the EPL
Busquets, Pedro, Sanchez, Mascherano, Puyol... What do they all have in common? They are world class divers... I wonder when UEFA are gonna stop suck Barca's di...
Forza azzurri!!!! we can do it! cmon one more game, now this is class football, not that s**t portugal vs spain game.....
Too bad lavezzi and cavani are both leaving
6 years ago
Fake.... jk what a goal.
Lol dude are you serious read your rules before writing these things...
FINALLY JUSTICE! Take that catalans! You did it against Madrid, Milan, and Chelsea, but you have not succeeded this time! In your face! Sanchez should have been...
Man shitty would have to sell... no one cuz their rich af.... what about the serie a?
Tell me that's not in buddy
Im not gonna take anything out of catania, but we keep getting goals annulled and TERRIBLE refereeing... i don't get it, when are they gonna incorporate these s...
Don't forget that el sharawyy and muntari had two posts
The world will end tomorrow
This is class, from the crisps passes from Robi and Zlatan and the amazing wall defending from Thiago.... THIS IS CLASS. I have missed Milan playing so well and...
Wow another mistake by the referee in a juventus game. how odd, it would even be odder if they won the serie a... FORZA MILAN
Juve are robbers and a disgrace to italy... we all know that, its nothing you can't hide, even before 2006.... the not given goal and was just a cover up.... th...
Mesbah, el sharawyy, lopez, silva, milan's future.
11 injuries and 2 disqualified
Was a goal from ibra!
Arsenal should really sell arshavin and walcott
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