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"a man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.
8Gerrard8 (Ross Peter Brinkman) from Portland, United States
Agspiratos (Alexi Spiratos) from Sami, Kefalonia
I come from the greek island of Kefalonia,Sami. So if there are any Kefalonites out there, highly unlikely though,friend me.
Amado (Ahmed)
Amin74 (Amin Najafi) Sweden
DiegoFC (Diego)
Ellada10 (Taso K) from Glenview, Greece
I'm a Greek footballer.
Kaka8 (Maguibass) from Dakar, Senegal
Kana89 (Giannis)
I'm cool with supporters of any club so long as they're cool with me. We all like the same game right? :)
Nadzad9090 (Nadeem Ahmed) from Smouha, Egypt
Nauta21 (Erlin) from Maryland, Usa
Football is my passion.. HALA MADRID!!!
Nickosson (Nicko Dangoo)
Sergio (Shorif Ahmed) from London, England
FB if you wanna know the man behind the ramos ¬_¬ xD LOLZ https://www.facebook.com/tyrasthebest Been on the site over 5 Years Was Number 2 Top Commenter at one time Also ...
Tatabox (Daniel Jones) from Somewhere, USA
VanPersie (Neil Mason) from Nelson, New Zealeand
I live in new zealeand and play and watc football it is the best thing in world along with arsenal and van persie
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