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5 years ago
All the best to Arsenal, i hope they win the last few matches .. i don't want to settle for 4th this season, especially after what we went through
('.') Huh ?!
Once again, Ramsey is a dumb ass ... he could have cost the game with his selfishness and the game was defiantly boring especially if you watch the replay aft...
6 years ago
Rubbish ... the story is made up .. if its true though ... the funny thing is that Albert is living off of his friend's charities .. looser
Somewhere on FootyTube
He is not that bad , but really not good enough for Arsenal .. I also don't like him and also for no particular reason, i also suspect it's his face :) I just...
Nice .. I really never liked that dumb-ass Ramsey .. i hop Arsene keeps him away from the main form ...
I was afraid Torres would become another "Chevachinko", but he's not Respect for Torres .. such a mature mind set .. he's for the team .. doesn't overwhelm h...
What are you talking about, we were exciting sure, but the "best", love the gunners, but i don't think so
Damn i was really hoping for a Napoli win .. what a comeback from Chelsea .. wish Arsenal could've done the same with Milan
Booyaaah ... now that's what i'm talke'n about ... and cool leadership from RVP, he probably earned the extra 5 min by bringing the "time waisting" to the ref...
Yeeeeeesssssss ... way to f***ing Gooo
Your so dumb, just answer the question !!! Not cuz he's an Arsenal Fan that means he wasn't cheering for ManU !!
At this point i only like RVP, OxChamber and maybe Vermaelen cuz of his previous seasons ... no one else is good enough .. Arsenal please come back to your no...
Probably he is as good as any other Arsenal defender ... they all suck .. what a waste
Hahahahaha .. nice
Chargui, well said .. it seems that the club is business oriented, they don't really care about bringing the team back to its normal place ... we've been at t...
Man, this suck .. out of the 7 goals we scored 5, we could've had them, but when the moment came where all the middle and front side's efforts go to waist by ou...
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