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Sociedad were so odd today. Usually I feel like they would press and be a bit more aggressive, but today they were way too patient. They looked like they came f...
16 hours ago
Franky to be honest this season has been the only season I remember since the 08/09 season which we played with no mercy. That's how football is supposed to be ...
2 days ago
Not to bash the guy, but both goals were tap ins, and did the one to Carvajal count as an assist even if it touched a defender?
3 days ago
It's between him and Neymar at the moment.
4 days ago
Today was so beautiful to watch. Has anyone noticed the difference in the amount of pressure we're putting till the last minute? I have begged for this for year...
I agree with you to a certain extend unreadwriter. Neymar and Suarez will contribute more when Messi is not around. However when Messi is around we are an altog...
6 days ago
Hey, I like Ronda :( Sadly Holly was clearly the better fighter and dominated her. I wish Ronda would have been able to take it to the ground, but Holly jabbed ...
Haha thanks Sanchez, yeah man it happens in this world. I'm Muslim and I came to America in late 2000 after my neighborhood was bombed by the US air force in 98...
1 week ago
The whole annoying thing about this is it all started with the US attacking Middle Eastern countries and funding these sort of groups. Iraq was the one country ...
I like your point Jeoreon. Now lets apply it to every view. An Atheist would say well there is no God, so he kills someone or shoots up a school, or even blows ...
Doesn't matter that Bartra may not play, they'd never let him play a Classico anyways.
"Whoever kills a man unjustly, it is as though he has killed all of mankind." the only time it's ever just is if you're defending yourself and during war. whic...
Hello Yousif, I stepped into the Barcelona forums just after the Paris attacks occured and deleted the very long thread that Jeroen started. Not because of what...
We can't sell Adriano and Douglas? selling Halilovic would be like selling Thiago all over again.
Okay guys, Hikmat is clearly the most knowledgeable on this topic and put it in a very unbiased view. Now everyone shut the hell up and put this argument to res...
I'm with you bro this isn't a problem with Islam it's a problem with the extremes that take it too far. If these people were truly Muslim they would not take li...
2 weeks ago
Cristiano is a good guy, hardworking, genuinely has a good heart, and respectful. When he was younger he was extremely cocky and talked down other players. He w...
Completely agree. A ligament injury isn't something to mess with. Messi needs to be back to 100% before he is played again. Risking him against a great team lik...
It's funny that you commented on this, because I think the position would fit perfectly for Sanchez. The thing is Messi just causes disruptions in the middle an...
Hmm I like that everyone can agree on Nolito and that he is a real possibility, however do yous think that he can play a Suarez role? Suarez is a big dude stand...
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