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So all this talk from the pumped up Madrid fans who think they are the greatest things in the world and Karma hits them like a mother. Thank God for his beautif...
3 years ago
Pedmar get out of here you fake Brazilian. You must have not lived in Brazil long enough. A true Brazilian knows that football is supposed to be played beautifu...
You guys are still talking about the past?? hahahahahahahahha!
Well if thats true then the manager of Hercules must be a more of a genius then Jose Murhinho because they beat us 2-0 Murinho isn't special relax The dude just...
Well I wish I could be a manager because then Dumb people like you would look at me like im the smartest man in the world which im not. Too bad I never got the ...
Hey you guys like saying stuff is the past right because it doesn't matter that we beat you 5 games in a row right??? soo How about this game was hours ago and ...
Hey needle D1ck I know what they're called but it's also called a game plan... So how bout you go blow Ronaldo because thats why a lot of Madrid fans like Madri...
No I am not embarrassing myself because If I thought of that Strategy 2 years ago and Murinho did it then hes not a Genius because I've been watching football f...
Oh and you little kids have no idea what football is. Jose Murinho is an average manager. He's not a legend or anything he'll just do what ever it takes to win....
Look at every one of you bashing Barcelona and sooo happy that they lost. Im very happy that you guys are here to bash us because for you to come out and say we...
DaGaza talking about diving lmao. Last time I checked Ronaldo had a diving school? Then half almost the rest of the team dives including Big bad Ramos. You have...
Bro Marcelo admitted to diving! Dani Alves asked him and Marcelo said he had to do it.
NickP You didn't argue that Madrid grew the grass and that Marcelo dived... Messi disrespecting the crowd? First of all the ball wasn't out of play when he blas...
I think it's pretty funny how Madrid actually grew their grass for this match to try and ruin Barca's passing. I also thought it was funny how Marcelo admitted ...
He didn't do anything wrong. The ball wasn't out of play yet so he decided to kick it far so that Madrid doesn't try catching them on a break
Tanto it's funny you say that considering the fact that Messi has scored 6 goals in the last 4 matches against England's best team. The EPL is easier to play in...
Silver if you Want it really really bad. Then I encourage you to Train harder then a professional with intense every day workouts(weights&Muscle(weights pull up...
You're one of the few Madrid fans that I like because you don't trash talk you speak the truth
Sorry for the Shark out of water I was kinda thinking of Animal planet when i saw that goal. I also tried to sound like Ray Hudson :(
We started out playing terrible. Bojan Brought some life in the middle of the first half but was then injured. Villa was brought in and didn't change anything h...
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