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This was really a shock to hear that he's injured. I only saw one awkward movement from him near the end of the game where he grabbed his leg afterwards. He see...
5 hours ago
Del Bosque agrees with me. Of course I play football why on Earth do you think I follow it? By your logic this is pique's club im guessing? I support this club ...
1 day ago
No I don't feel stupid one bit. Ramos and Pepe were the only two defending Ramos was all over the pitch, actually the best defender in the match. Their problem ...
But did Ramos (Even though I perfer Pepe) not lead them to a CL title? hardcore defending at the back and super aggressive in attack. Recently Ramos hasn't been...
Or maybe the fact that they have players like Sergio Ramos who is aggressive and strong in the air how a man at the back should be..
Lmfao you guys have got to be kidding me. Ducking corners almost cost us getting scored on, He got burned plenty of times that led to dangerous crosses. He rare...
Maybe if he wasn't the only CB there he wouldn't have to play two CB positions by himself. Notice how good Mathieu played with 10 men on the pitch while Bartra ...
Mathieu running left and right in the box as Pique stares like a f*****g statue. I've never seen a worse defender in my life. Everyone around him gets blame for...
He didn't earn a start in the preseason. He should be playing the last 10 minutes of games and prove that he can start not just randomly given the start
He literally ruins the whole game. His defensive errors, stupidity, laziness, and incapability at the back causes a chain reaction of problems throughout the fi...
I hope this is a joke
Alright im done with this political bullshit. Pique has some serious pull in this club and im tired of it. His grandfather was the president of the club and tha...
I don't know if anybody is watching the Sevilla match, but Denis Suarez has been excellent and got an assist today. On the other hand Deulofeu came on with 17 m...
2 days ago
Lmaooo at least your a good sport about it, but yeah they both were
He just said he joined mardid via twitter then deleted it
They were offsides!!
The two first offsides goals and the falsely disallowed goal for Everton ruined that game. Everton played much better football the whole game.
RIP Tito :/ I thought Pep bought him before Tito was announced as coach
I can't believe Song wasn't used as patrt of a deal to save us some money... like we could have stuck him in and saved some money. Song seems like a cool person...
Pejvl all im saying is he was a beast at Lyon and I feel he does great for Madrid because he's the only player that can hold a ball with two defenders on his ba...
3 days ago
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