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As a huge Messi fan I agree that his work rate has definitely went down. However I believe it's unfair to make assumptions about him. His health is something pe...
3 hours ago
The Brazilian Samba players are like the next Avatar, and I feel like Neymar is that. Despite being put under pressure from the age of 14, he has always lived u...
Messi and Neymar actually started out with amazing pressing game in the Classico. However Messi got a yellow card for pulling out of challenge which made no sen...
4 hours ago
Cristiano is the deserved Balon D'Or this year. Even though he shouldn't have gotten it last year, this year was definitely his year.
3 days ago
Don't understand how Tevez was even out of the squad to begin with hes been so good with every team hes played for he should have definitely been in the world c...
Okay this is for people who hate me for defending Alves all the time because I honestly don't see what they are talking about.. They tell me he played badly and...
5 days ago
Cheer up Che I'll give you a few reasons why. 1. We are still atop the league 2. Suarez was brilliant after 4 months of no league play 3. Neymar is brilliant a...
Add 4ever in that transfer lolol
We can't enjoy lmao!! We could make a deal with you though.. We offer you Pique, Shakira, plus 25 million for a 46 year old Maldini?
6 days ago
The commentator just said he had the most complete tackles in the game, and most complete passes this classico... So you can take your Pique and leave this club...
Alves has been decent just like The commetators have been saying..
Can we start another one to send Pique to a desk job?
Malik where were you when he stopped Marcelo a gazillion times? that was one decent cross that Dani allowed and Pique fucks it up. You guys are blind to Pique's...
Okay but it was a good ball past Dani it's called crossing a ball it happens during the game we call football. The way to stop is is to have a Centerback clear ...
I hope thats a joke about Dani.. He's been stealing the ball almost every time. Marcelo keeps diving every time the ball gets stolen.
This ref is giving the yellows with such biased. He is doing too much for the home team. Modric, Kroos, Cristiano, all deserve yellows. Cristiano deserved a yel...
Pique being Pique. Lets blame Dani Alves guys!
Wtf are you watching? Dani stole the ball from him almost every time. Pique is the one with the handball.. but I guess that's Dani's fault right?
Some people aren't as blessed to get to choose. Also some employers aren't as blessed to know what a Classico is or what the sport football is...
1 week ago
See I would love for Xavi to play, but Rakitic has been our best midfielder this season. If Xavi were to start then I'd bench Iniesta and start Rakitic. Danny i...
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