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I'm very confused about De Bruyne. I didn't watch the Bundasliga last year because my provider wouldn't offer it on a good deal, but I saw him whenever he playe...
Is Navas the other side's starting keep?
2 days ago
We also have Neymar back, Alba back, Vermaelen playing well, Roberto finding comfort in right back, Bartra getting a great chance to prove himself. Mascherano i...
@Tanmay, I agree to an extent. I feel like if we could get him as a back up to Jordi Alba he would grow tremendously over the season. You have to keep in mind t...
3 days ago
@St1or you better Cech up on those highlights again, Andres201 got it spot on ;)
Woah st1or. "Benteke misses a tap in" does Cech no justice at all. Benteke is actually playing really well. That save from Cech was phenomenal. Reminds me of th...
4ever He's 21 years old and 6'2 Only problems I see in his game is his communication with his passes which might have to do with language barriers because in I...
I say it how it is Malik, Dani Alves had a pretty bad game, I'll call out my favorites because I'm honest about watching each game which I watch at least 2 time...
Dani was having a bad game and honestly Roberto did a better job at RB that game. He also really impressed the last time he played as a RB. I am so looking fo...
Does anyone know how serious these Neymar sources are? They claim that he said he is open to a move to United? Is this false reporting or did he really come out...
4 days ago
Thank you for being the only one to answer!
5 days ago
DF question. Who should I make my star midfielder? The options are Yaya, Mata, Hazard and Gabi. Personally I can't decide between Yaya and Hazard.
I really like Gambau, but it's really weird how he's constantly left out!
Damn this is the big signing they were talking about.. They should have just went for Benzema. Benzema should be the biggest target on the market. He's not appr...
6 days ago
I was hoping he'd go to a better team, but hopefully he'll get a starting spot there so that's good.
Does anyone know what happens with Di Maria on Dreamfooty since he's no longer in the 4 leagues offered on footytube?
I have a feeling that Luis Enrique will definitely start Adriano over either Vermaelen or Bartra. I would prefer we have this line up, something tells me Adrian...
1 week ago
I don't understand why people rate Neymar so low. Neymar has already done what Brazilian legends have done for Barcelona in 2 seasons albeit he had the greatest...
Pique was having a s**t game and created many chances for Bilbao right infront of goal to begin with and now he does this... Great leadership skills Pique.. smh...
Yeah Bartra hasn't been great exactly but people like making him the scapegoat for everything. He's been just as good as the rest of the defenders if not better...
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