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I'd love to have both of them but the way Rafinha has performed in the passing season and the fact that he's left footed I'd take him over Thiago.
4 days ago
Let's be fair guys, we might dislike Cristiano for his constant complaining and diving on the pitch, but to compare Hazard to Cristiano is a joke. Even though h...
Okay so does anyone know where to watch the game today? I found it on ESPN Deportes, pero I'd rather not watch it in Spanish. I wanna watch it in English so I c...
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqu7T_qkeyI This is a great video of the wonder kid Rafinha. I think we have made the perfect signings in to come in during the...
2 weeks ago
It's weird I saw a picture of all the candidates and everyone but Laporta looked like they were evil lol. I don't know what it is but he just looks genuine in t...
There is no need for argument. A lot of people who have watched Pele, Maradona, and Messi play admit that Messi is far ahead of them. People can talk about Worl...
1 month ago
I wish Simeone could have signed a short contract just for the Copa America for the sake of Argentina. It would give him the chance to coach Messi and change th...
As the Copa America is currently going on I wanted to speak of Argentina. A team so full of talent but lacks the chemistry for these players to play together. T...
I feel like Colombia's football is very aggressive. In the World Cup they were praised for playing beautiful football, and although I did see some beautiful foo...
After signing Raktic, Suarez, Mathieu, and Enrique my expectations were honestly the treble. I thought about it and we bought the perfect players for every posi...
I still think Bartra is our best CB. This would be a very foolish decision if our board let him go. Such a great and loyal player is treated with no respect. Wh...
I think Xavi is being very naive about Neymar. If anything these comments from Xavi are actually ignorant and rude. Neymar is a great example of a person expres...
This is very confusing. I don't understand the situation too well. Maybe Xavi and Iniesta were drunk, but as far as I'm concerned Neymar doesn't drink alcohol. ...
Okay so this season was beautiful and historic as we all witnessed the greatest trio in history, led by the greatest player to grace a pitch. With that said nex...
Also on a different post than my last (And I apologize for taking up the page) I'd like to point out key players for this victory. The trio is an obvious but th...
Thank you, but although some of our players stayed down longer than they should have almost every tackle by the Juve players were clear fouls. In my opinion Vid...
So glad that we are Kings of Europe once more! It's been an incredible season of ups and downs, but in the end we proved the team most worthy of all three troph...
The first article was well written and very interesting because the death stare is a real thing that happens often. The ESPN article sounded like someone goog...
2 months ago
I can't believe people are actually talking about Neymar and going as far as calling him immature.First of all his flick over the defender has nothing to do wit...
There is a lot of Dani Alves talk going on. I don't really understand what's going on, but I feel like the respect he's talking about has something to do with h...
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