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Kaiba let's be honest Di Maria, Ozil, and Sanchez were brought and developed alongside some of the most talented teams in the world for years that upped their g...
3 days ago
No!!! sorry I'm not trying to start a war! I'm just saying our league would be all super teams if these player stay. The Youth systems in Spain are ridiculously...
4 days ago
I agree with JRaty, that yeah this is a big problem in the world of football and it makes Blatter a bad guy, but to say he's the most despicable man in the worl...
This is a very random though, but I came to this conclusion only after a realization I made. Players who make a name for themselves in La liga, and tend to be c...
I thought this too because Bartra is actually pretty fast, and is a great dribbler, but it would be a waste when he's our most important CB for the future. I wo...
Is it just me or does anyone else wanna see Halilovic get a few games with the first team? I know he's not 100% there physically, but we should definitely give ...
1 week ago
Neymar has been amazing this season, and today's game with Brazil just shows his potential. This kid is getting better by the game. I've been more excited to wa...
I don't believe this. Cristiano seems like a cool dude off the pitch..
In other news.. the top BPL scorers all came from La Liga.. just throwing that out there lol
Http://www.weloba.com/article/video-pique-to-alves-you-have-a-lot-of-enemies-here-same-happens-to-me Here is Pique being a clown again and stirring up some dra...
I didn't get to watch the game as I had to train little kids footy today at the exact time... Anyways I walked into the house and as soon as I look at the TV Ne...
If mourinho kicks Pique out im with it hahahahahahaha
Hummels seems like an impossible deal as Pique's value has dropped tremendously due to very poor performances in the past 3 years We'd be lucky if Pique plus 30...
2 weeks ago
Wooo Pique's not starting! Hopefully this becomes a trend and we get rid of him next summer. that'd be really exciting and a good chance to cash and save money ...
Couldn't agree more Danny. Even Barcelona now. We have sponsors all over our damn shirts now. It's sad how money can ruin everything from friendships to competi...
How about this line up ---------------------------Bravo--------------------------------- ----Dani--------Captain Bartra-----------Mathieu-------Alba------ --...
If that's true, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.. What is going on with sports? The NFL players are not allowed to celebrate, now fans are now allowed ...
You know what our team lacks? A leader, someone who will wake up the whole team up and get them motivated. I'm not sure what Lucho is doing on his part, but our...
There is no such thing as luck. It's either you worked on it in practice hard enough or you didn't...
As many times as our fans will after this loss..
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