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Bartra is our best CB. I don't see a reason why we should be sending our best CB on loan..
English commentators don't understand anything about football. All they know how to do is praise English teams and bash foreign teams/players.
2 days ago
The keeper's shoulder was actually level. Come on guys this is simple. The keeper's shoulder is a body part a player can touch the ball with. The goal was good....
3 days ago
LOL you need to watch more games. He usually earns 2-3 penalties per game that are not given. If they were to call half the calls he'd probably be the most foul...
Call it a conspiracy all you want, but the referees are the only reason we are behind in La Liga. They do everything in their power against Barcelona every game...
English commentators in the CL shouldn't be allowed to commentate any longer. They are the most biased commentators by far. They discredit any other team and pl...
5 days ago
I personally prefer Bartra to any of our Center backs, and he outperforms all of our defenders when he does play.
1 week ago
My fault, I just saw the replay and Pique was too slow to get to Aguero. This is why we need Bartra who is much faster and quicker in situations like that. And...
Okay So I was streaming the game in class today which was very difficult as I was help share my book with the girl next to me, and highlighting important points...
Marc Bartra.
Nvm sorry
Yeah lmao. The thing about Mourinho is that he provides more entertainment in his post match interview than his teams do on the pitch.
Maybe our players will play harder for the CL. We played well today, but some players like Iniesta took it a bit too casually.
To be honest I don't think we played that bad today. A few calls could have changed this entire game. "Minute 30, 33, 43, 60." Jk lol but seriously the Neymar p...
Jeron, once again you fail to see what I'm saying. I agree that it was entirely Alves' fault for the goal. I am saying people are putting too much blame on him ...
That was definitely Alves' fault. If you saw the replay the ball hit off his ankle instead of his foot. He knew he messed up when he started sprinting after the...
I know Alves made 2 really bad passes, but other than that he has actually defended really well and stayed back. Pique has been so out of position and he keeps ...
I have been saying it for that past year and a half. The media attacks are strategy. Neymar and Pique have been playing really well so the media decides to mess...
4 weeks ago
See Iniesta is a brilliant player without a doubt. He creates a lot of space and is an excellent dribbler who can play pin point passes. However football evolve...
1 month ago
I'd trade Iniesta for Isco. don't bother arguing with me it's my opinion for many reasons lol.
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