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If that's really the case I hope we start Bartra in the position for next season.
Can someone do a head to head player by player analysis? I'll give it my go and I want people to correct me and or add information to determine this final. So ...
The last bit of information you stated is very interesting. It could be good news for us. With Messi, Suarez, and Neymar up top dribbling, it will be very frust...
3 days ago
I feel a lot of players were underrated this season and we didn't praise enough. Starting from back to front: -Bravo has been the best keeper in La Liga all ...
Unbelievable JRaty. What a disappointment. I am offended that you think I support Qatar. I am also offended by your carelessness towards this situation happenin...
4 days ago
I'm so happy we won the league! It's such a great accomplishment after such a tough season. We need to win the treble, as this is a season that is worthy of bei...
Okay so let me break this down for the people on here who love to argue about anything with no facts or common sense. What Me and Malik were saying was that we ...
Oh I completely agree that these conditions are sickening and should never happen. And you are right about luring people from different countries. However this ...
This is so much bias it's ridiculous. No offense to Basketball, but the NBA is the highest level of the sport. The league is a big deal because the story of thi...
Yeah that is terrible news, but in reality that isn't news. This happens with any big corporation around the world. Especially here in the United States. We hav...
@SOccerisfootbal. Scoring isn't everything my friend although he is the top scorer. look at the assists, chances created, and take-ons. Any player who can top t...
1 week ago
I'm just gonna stop talking for my own sake. I don't want to get down to your child mentality that resorts to cursing when you don't have a better argument to m...
You know what's funny? All the people who just attacked me on my opinion shown how much of idiots they truly are. "Ban him Mod, omg he doesn't like pique, I'm s...
Pique is f*****g terrible you guys defend him game after game after game. Today was one of his worst performances I have ever seen. I am done with him. He plays...
Pique is one of the worst defenders I've seen hands down. I am completely done with this guy. He has like 5 amazing games a season and plays like a child for th...
I don't respect mourinho for any titles he has won. He's a cheater and uses dirty tactics. He psychologically gets refs to favor him by crying about them all da...
2 weeks ago
So I was just watching the game as I was in class and missed it. Our front three is clearly something to be talked about, but other players that stood out for m...
3 weeks ago
Okay so I heard a lot of complaining about penalties from Chelsea fans, but realistically the only penalty call should have been against them when Cahill blatan...
Mark my words, we will see a Super Sayin Messi over the two legs vs Bayern.
4 weeks ago
I got Bayern, Madrid, then Juve last.
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