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Let's be honest Che. A 2 match ban is a 1 match ban in reality. getting red carded automatically suspends you from the next match. So all that was added was a 1...
1 hour ago
I just hope to god that both children get the hips of Shakira, because despite how well Pique has been playing, he turns like a truck with no agility.
3 hours ago
So Diego Costa has been hit with a 3 match ban for stepping on a player while running for the ball. Yet Cristiano is allowed to punch and kick players 7 times a...
He can't complain much because the dive against Masche was outside the box and they still got the penalty..
@Danny I appreciate your honesty. If you had seen his incident vs Almeria where he nearly broke another players leg with a powerful kick, it was a bit worse tha...
3 days ago
@Tanmay @Ziz, So you call Suarez a dog. I admit that it is very weird to bite people but this happens in sports too. Wrestling, Boxing and other close contacts ...
He deserves more in my opinion. Not because he plays for the rival team, but if Suarez got a 6 month ban for 3 biting incidents, then cristiano deserves a 6 mon...
I'm that pacy left forward with a powerful shot on both feet and just got the job done, but in reality I was much better at defending. I like going forward, cre...
I've been the biggest Bartra fan as everyone on this site already knows, but I have no idea what was up with him last match. It was so weird seeing him make the...
5 days ago
This is not the first time cristiano has lashed out and kicked a defender in the legs, and or punched another player in the face. If the footballing bodies want...
Montoya and Xavi need to be out of this game. Lucho again goes with the only possible line up to make this gsme difficult. Xavi needs to retire like I love the ...
6 days ago
I don't get how simple chances in front of goal are so difficult for him though. He could have had double the goals he already has if he finished a majority of ...
1 week ago
A few points about the game. -Ter Stegen is clearly the better keeper with his feet as he proved so today.(although both keepers are great overall) -Dani Alv...
If you wanna go by fact we deserve an average of 1 penalty call per game that is clear as day that any team would get without a doubt. Truth is there is somethi...
I forgot you were allowed to use your hands to pull opposition players as they control the ball. I love this new rule book. Atletico is taking advantage of this...
Http://instagram.com/p/yAk0hSRtnF/?modal=true Beautiful photo haha. Gotta love these guys.
They have a great coach. They have a lot of talent. They have Deulofeu and Denis Suarez as subs..
Never in a million years. He is the most talented young Spanish defender. I'd rather do Iniesta for Isco plus 20M.
We will be able to sign players in the next January window if I'm correct. The positives about this ban is that we will be forced to use the players we already ...
It is! Happy Birthday Marc Bartra!!
2 weeks ago
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