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I was very impressed with almost all of our players in today's game for what we did that first half, however our defense needs to be spoken about. There seems t...
2 weeks ago
Here is the difference to settle this from the most unbiased point of view on both players. Suarez didn't dive, he exaggerated it. There is a huge difference. S...
Am I the only one who didn't find it that difficult to differentiate between the jerseys? I though the grey stood out from white and green pretty well.
With all the commotion over James in Madrid we should make a quick purchase. I'm sure it won't take much money to convince him he's not fat, and he'll probably ...
Today's game was a mess. I'm glad we won but the line-up was the weakest defensively. Vermaelen was horrendous today, and lately his form has been poor. Had it ...
3 weeks ago
Yeah Denis Suarez is great, but with Rakitic, Iniesta, Roberto, Turan, and Vidal competing for the midfield position we'll just have to bench him nearly every g...
4 weeks ago
@Iodisco I always recognized Bravo as a great keeper individually, but once he joined us I realized he's the ideal keeper. To be honest Neuer gets lot praise a ...
1 month ago
It's really weird that Bravo gets no recognition. I thought he was easily the best GK in the world last season and continuing similar form this season.
Antonella is beautiful. It's awesome that they have such a cool love story since they were kids. Ramos' girlfriend was also stunning.
Mathieu is indeed our fastest player. Neymar and Messi may accelerate faster than Mathieu, but top speed Mathieu was the fastest player in speed tests. It's log...
The competitiveness is caused by a lack of identity in English football. It's so much more less tactical and technical, that the games are determined more so by...
I've been telling yous there is something against Barcelona. I don't know how much more obvious it could be. Obviously it's bad for business when a Catalan team...
As biased as this will sound, I think the only way justice can be done is if they revoke all the yellows he gave us beside Neymar's who did lash out clearly out...
The irony in it is he let in 4 goals LOL.
I read a stat about Messi's last 8 freekicks. 5 of them were goals and 3 hit the post.
If he does I hope the FIFA investigation continues into La Liga because what Espanyol got away with in both matches was criminal. These refs need to be investig...
Why do refs always let teams do this to Barcelona? The league match we were absolutely robbed by the ref. The stats counting fouls do the games no justice. Ther...
I would think the Barcelona website would sell the tickets if it's not already sold out.
Be very careful with the media. Media is what ruins this world. They do it all for the headlines.
So I've recently watched Cristiano's movie, and I highly recommend that everyone watch it. He really is a good guy. Yes he dives, complains, etc on the pitch, b...
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