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It's not necessarily just his speed, it's the acceleration on the kid thats really impressive. He also has a great touch. I feel bad for Munir. Sandro and Adama...
21 hours ago
Woah this game we're playing against Huesca has been great so far. Our first team should certainly take notes of the pace these kids are playing at. Although I ...
Henry was a great player man. It's sad but also great that he's retiring soon. His ability to create a goal out of nothing is such a rare trait for strikers to ...
DaGaza, all we're saying is Cristiano is and will always be remembered as the great player who cheated his way to fame. Diving at every opportunity he got and b...
3 days ago
Another game decided on a bad ref call. This is annoying I hate La liga. I wish we wore white jerseys away so we they'd forget and actually give us penalties.
4 days ago
Did anyone happen to catch that gust of wind that violently threw cristiano to his knees at the Almeria game today? I feared for his life!
Okay this is gonna sound really ridiculous, but hear me out people. What does everyone think of this lineup? --------------------------Bravo-------------------...
He got hurt in the CL game. It's not so serious though. It was a precaution, and I'm glad we gave him an early rest.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmNh8UihVYI some Bartra highlights from the game. Tell me which Center back we currently have that is this calm under pressure...
6 days ago
I agree, but I think Lucho played 4 CB's for a few big reasons. First off being that PSG has 4 players who are over 6'2. Not including Thiago Silva who is good ...
I know I'm super late, but I just got done watching the replay of the match and wanted to point out a few things that stood out. Bartra was our most solid defen...
Hahahaha we'll to be fair I studied in advanced and wrote practice essays in the hopes that I could breeze through the final so I could watch this match live. T...
Anybody have a link to the full match replay? I was taking a final and writing so fast only to catch the last 10 minutes of the game lol.
So I was watching BeinSport USA, and on the show they asked fans what sports should be removed from the Olympics. Alberto Garcia on Facebook answered. "Not div...
1 week ago
What minute was the pathetic and desperate signature dive at? That's all I care about because I've completely lost respect for him on the pitch.
I'm getting so tired of these constant attacks on Lionel Messi and Barcelona. Someone out there is trying to bring us down. It started with Rumours about Messi ...
Good header even though he didn't jump... But we criticize him for his defense and softness, so I don't see how this relevant. Good for hik though we needed tha...
We should counterattack more often!
No penalties, no problem. The worlds best doesn't dive and can play against 12 men
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