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So annoyed that Montoya is playing. Another dumb move by Luis. It's clearly showing in our attack. Dani brings so much to that right side. Montoya is just there...
2 days ago
Does anyone know how to get the foxsoccer2go app on windows 8? I have a Surface pro 3 and don't know how to watch the game? I tried the appstore and google play...
I like him better on the right side to be honest. Yes he doesn't get as many opportunities, but that means Suarez and Neymar do. No other player in the world ev...
4 days ago
This may start a huge debate, but I'd rather not loan players out to BPL anymore. I feel there is too much space in the BPL and it's far less tactical and techn...
I think we need to loan out Sandro, Halilovic, and Sergi Samper if the team gets relegated. Best bet is to give them to a first division team because they are t...
5 days ago
Tharius let's be honest. Although you told everyone to go give you a thumbs up, Suarez and Neymar do dive yes. However we rarely if ever get penalties for a di...
I agree with everything you said besides "You defend when you're up, you attack when you're down." Defending when you're up is inviting the opponent to say "Ok...
I don't get whats been up with Iniesta lately. He jogs around a lot and has no physical presence when the game gets intense especially. He rarely creates chance...
Something tells me cristiano will keep diving until he gets penalties.
6 days ago
Yes Pique messed up big time in the second half, but it's hard to put more blame on him than on Lucho. Taking out Neymar allowed the sevilla defense to be comfo...
Taking Neymar out of the game ruined the whole game. horrible decision from Lucho. What on earth was he thinking man?
We need to give the ball to Messi and hope he saves Lucho's ass for a horrible decision.
I saw that coming when Lucho made that sub unfuckingbelievable. and Pique.. right after I praise him he gifts them a goal..
Omg Pique is on fire! what happened to him in 2015 he's been a beast in defense. His confidence, and leadership is incredible! Bravo should have used his hand...
I'm liking Pique more and more. I'm glad he's this aware. However I am pretty confident we could win today. We perform really well against Unai Emre's men.
I did mean out of the Central defenders he's definitely faster sorry for not clearing that up. Let me just makes this perfectly clear for all these Barcelona ...
1 week ago
That would be very unfair of him if he really rejected a 2+1. We all know I'm the biggest Dani fan, but a 2+1 is more than he should be asking for. He has done ...
Well to answer Alfrodo. I can't believe you just blamed Bartra for Bales goal in the final. If you did you're reading Bartra played that game with a pulled hams...
Dani Alves is the player with the most successful tackles in La Liga this season (94).
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