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Mancheste United , football ,Zidan, beach and music .. oh and Hash :P ha ha
Liverpool , Ibra , Drogba and tevez :@
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Henno wrote in On 87firass wall
3n jd 3eeb walla ..
1 year ago
Hellow, jeet 3bali while i was doin' smthin' nerdy 2day .. ezbda i hope u're doing fine :P
Because they are hot
2 years ago
Ey u
Loool MSN .. ok :P
Yaw henno >> add me (( xfiras.hijazix@live.com )) a7sn ,a njls nktb comments le b3'9 :P
I dunno how this thing works so ma3ref lw w9lak my reply .. anyhow Cya ;D
OMG !!! HENNO How the hell are you ? i miss u so much !!! ... hope u sign in in the website here and see my comment .. send me bk plz
Hello friend .. thnx for the invitation .. how could u be a fan Of man u , chelsea and liverpool in the same time :P
I wish one of roony's long shot had been a goal
3 years ago
Howard web was the referee in world cub final .. Mark sold his soul for the Russian money
U dumpass .. dont f**k with other dicks .. use ur own ... when u start winning against man u then start talking
Maybe we had the most powerful league in the world , but we also had the dirtiest referees in the league
Dont be mad Gary .. we will be the champions .. Respect
Not offside .. its a foul
LOL .. that's all wut i can say
This .. is ... WEIRD ... O.O really O.O I mean a person that disappeared mn el 3alm .. all of a sudden appears in my physics research O.O duude i thought u were...
Please man don't call Manchester United as Man U or Man you because its what our rivals call us..cheers
WOHOOOOOOOO :D glory glory man u :D
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